Friday, June 25, 2021

This Tool Tells You If Your COVID-19 Vaccine Is Accepted by Your Travel Destination Country

The European Union and Schengen Area countries are reopening their borders after more than a year. From Greece in South-eastern Europe to Norway in Northern Europe, the continent is slowly reopening for travel, some more and some less.

The Coronavirus vaccines and the roll-out of vaccination throughout the EU Member States and further in the world have played a vital role in the reopening of the borders, as the same are reopening the for travellers worldwide who have been vaccinated, in a bid to prevent a summer without tourists from happening again.

However, with the high number of vaccines against the Coronavirus developed across the world and the different types of vaccines approved by each world country, travelling has become confusing for those vaccinated.

For example, the EU countries, in general, have approved only the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which are Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, and Janssen.

Yet, some countries like Hungary have approved more vaccines in addition to those approved for use by EMA. As a result, Hungary is set to permit vaccinated travellers with any of the vaccines approved by its health authorities, which are as many as eight.

A new tool developed by VisaGuide.World enables travellers to check whether the country they are planning to visit soon has approved the vaccine that the traveller has been immunized with against COVID-19.

The tool can be used in two simple steps:

  • Open the tool
  • Select the vaccine you have been vaccinated with
  • Select the country you want to visit

The tool then shows you whether your vaccine is accepted as valid for immunization against COVID-19 in your destination country or not.

Please note that the tool does not necessarily tell you if your destination country has reopened their borders for vaccinated travellers. You should check for such information with the official authorities of your destination country!

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