Thursday, June 10, 2021

Slovakia Eases Entry Rules for Arrivals From Poland, Austria & Czech Republic

Slovakia’s government has softened its COVID-19 preventive measures applied at borders with Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic, after evaluating that the number of infections in the territory of its neighbouring countries has recently decreased.

According to an announcement of Slovakia’s Ministry of the Interior, the country’s police officers have mitigated random controls at the country’s borders for citizens coming from the territories mentioned above. The same measures will also be applied at international airports, reports.

In addition, Slovakia’s government will also end restrictions applied upon the arrival of people seeking to enter the country through small road crossings and other tourist routes from Poland and the Czech Republic.

However, the statement notes that restrictions imposed to halt the spread of the Coronavirus with Hungary will continue to be kept in place.

“Restrictions remain on the border with Hungary, as the Hungarian side, compared to the previous period, opened only the border crossing Tachta – Cered,” the statement reads.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, a total of 390,693 persons have tested positive for the Coronavirus outbreak. The virus caused the death of 12,430 persons in Slovakia, according to the figures published by the World Health Organization.

Being the 50th most-affected country worldwide from the spread of the deadly disease, authorities in Slovakia were obliged to follow the example of many countries worldwide and impose entry bans and other restrictions in order to halt the spread of the virus.

Last month, Slovakia’s government announced that it would apply stricter entry rules for arrivals coming from countries that are considered profoundly affected by the virus in order to prevent another increase in the number of infections, especially of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus that has caused hardship for many countries.

Slovakia’s Ministry of the Interior clarified that, based on the infection rate of the COVID-19, other countries would be categorized into three main groups; green, red, and black.

Under the current rules, all people wishing to enter Slovakia from countries that have reported high COVID-19 infection rates (red group) will be obliged to quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival. However, the self-isolation period can be shortened if a person obtains a negative COVID-19 test result on the eighth day.

The green list includes all countries that are considered safe, based on their epidemiological situation.

As for the black category, it consists of all countries that in the past two weeks have been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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