Sunday, June 6, 2021

Lithuania Imposes Stricter Quarantine Rules for Arrivals From Chile, Colombia, Paraguay & Trinidad & Tobago

Citizens of Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, as well as Trinidad and Tobago, will be subject to stricter self-isolation rules when planning to head to Lithuania as the latter’s government has announced that these countries have recently reported an increased number of COVID-19 infections.

At the same time, after estimating that the infection rate in Cape Verde marked a decline, in the past two weeks, the island country will be exempted from enhanced disease control measures imposed by Lithuania’s Ministry of Health, the same Ministry has revealed through a statement, reports.

According to the announcement, the recent decisions taken after evaluating the COVID-19 situation in other territories will be put in place on June 7.

World Health Organization’s figures show that more than 275,915 persons have tested positive for Coronavirus in Lithuania, and 4,297 persons have died since the beginning of the pandemic.

Over 259,591 persons have fully recovered from the disease in the Baltic state, while there are a total of 12,363 active cases.

The country is the 64th most-affected territory from the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak. Due to such figures, authorities in Lithuania decided to tighten their preventive measures in order to protect their citizens from the further spread of the virus.

However, last month, Lithuania’s government relaxed the entry restrictions for citizens of Sweden and Cyprus, meaning that the arrivals from both countries are only required to follow common isolation requirements.

“Those arriving from Cyprus and Sweden will be subject to the usual isolation rules. A person will be able to leave the place of isolation during the maturity examinations, only during the reexamination session, but also during the main session,” the Ministry of Health revealed through its statement.

The same source clarified that such rules would be effective from June 1 and kept in place until further notice.

Authorities in Lithuania have continuously attempted to stop the spread of the disease, particularly the new strains of the virus that have caused difficulties for many countries.

On May 24, the country’s Ministry of Health announced that stricter quarantine measures would be introduced for all persons arriving from the Republic of Cape Verde.

Simultaneously, the Ministry announced that travellers from Croatia and the Netherlands would only follow the common isolation restrictions when planning to enter Lithuania.

In addition, last month, Lithuania’s government also emphasized that arrivals from Turkey, Andorra, France, Mongolia, and Puerto Rico would also be subject to the standard quarantine requirements after estimating that COVID-19 infection rates in these countries marked a decrease.

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