Friday, June 11, 2021

France’s COVID-19 Vaccine Passport to Be Updated on June 22

Authorities in France have announced that they will update their COVID-19 vaccination certificate on June 22 in order to make it in harmony with the “EU Digital COVID Certificate”, which is planned to be fully launched on July 1, even though some European countries have already started to issued and accept the document before the deadline.

According to the announcement of France’s government, the new vaccination certificates will contain a QR code that will operate with verification tools in use in all EU Member States in order to check COVID-19 tests and vaccination documents launched in any country that is part of the block, reports.

All people who have added their vaccination documents to the French application TousAntiCovid will have their certificates updated automatically on June 22, the country Digital Minister, Cédric O, pointed out.

Citizens who have their documents in a paper format must go to France’s National Health Insurance website Ameli to download a new version of their COVID-19 certificates.

In addition, people who have not been fully vaccinated against the disease are permitted to travel by using COVID-19 tests. Such test certificates are available through the government site, and from June 22 will also contain QR codes on them.

France’s authorities noted that people who cannot access the site for not being part of the French healthcare system should ask help from the health professional who carried out their test to give them a COVID-19 test certificate.

Only this week, the European Union’s Parliament gave the green light to the EU COVID vaccine certificates by approving the regulation to the document with 546 votes to 93 and 51 abstentions, while reiterating that the expected date to start launching such certificates is July 1.

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, and Spain currently are connected to the EU-built framework, permitting vaccination documents or COVID-19 tests issued there to be verified in other EU countries.

According to the figures revealed by the EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, more than one million EU citizens have already obtained their EU COVID-19 passport since June 1.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, France has reported more than 621 270 COVID-19 infection cases, while more than 109,330 persons have died, according to figures published by World Health Organization.

Like many other countries, the deadly virus has affected France in many ways; however, the government is attempting to find new ways to prevent further damage and revive the travel and tourism sector ahead of the summer season.

In this regard, since June 9, France has opened the doors to vaccinated travellers from 38 countries and the residents of the rest of the 26 European Union Member States.

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