Thursday, June 3, 2021

EU Refuses to Permit Brits Enter Its Territory for Non-Essential Travel Over Fears of Delta Variant

The European Union Member States have decided that they will not include the United Kingdom in the list of countries considered safe according to their COVID-19 situation, from which travel for non-essential reasons such as tourism is permitted.

According to the EU ambassadors, it is too early to add Britain to the epidemiologically safe third countries due to the Delta variant of the virus, first detected in India and recently spread in some parts of the UK, reports.

Even though the infection rate in Britain is lower than in many EU countries, the high number of infections in some parts of England led the European governments to undertake such a decision.

However, the EU will again look at the situation in Britain on June 14, after European countries’ authorities could change their decision depending on the COVID-19 infection rate.

EU leaders have estimated that the number of Coronavirus infections has recently decreased in Japan; therefore, they decided to add the latter to the safe list, which already consists of New Zealand, Israel, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.

The EU Member States are not obliged to follow Brussels’ recommendation strictly.

Some European countries like Portugal and Greece already allow Britons to enter their territories for non-essential reasons, without waiting for the approval of Brussels for such a decision.

On the other hand, some other Member States like France, Austria and Germany have recently imposed stricter restrictions to prevent the further spread of the Indian strain from the UK to the EU, which has affected the majority of countries worldwide.

Over 4,487,600 persons have tested positive for the virus in the United Kingdom, up to this point, while more than 127,000 persons have died, according to the statistics published by the World Health Organization

The European Union has vowed to launch the Digital COVID-19 travel system by July, amid the ongoing pandemic, in order to ease the travel process within the block for all persons who have taken the vaccine against the virus, those who have fully recovered from the disease, as well as persons who have tested negative.

Although the digital COVID-19 health passports are currently being launched in many countries, it is yet unclear whether Britain and other countries outside the bloc would be included.

In this regard, previously reported that seven of the following EU Member States launched the EU Digital COVID-19 certificate a month before the deadline. These countries are Germany, Czechia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Greece and Poland.

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