Thursday, May 13, 2021

Travel Firms Warn That Holidays in Netherlands Will Be More Expensive This Year

Travel firms in the Netherlands have warned that summer holidays are likely to be more expensive and in short supply due to the Coronavirus pandemic situation.

The Netherlands’ government previously extended the advice against non-essential travel abroad for its citizens until May 15, after estimating that many countries reported an increased number of COVID-19 infections, reports.

Even though the ban is set to expire in mid-May, travel firms have emphasized that given only a few countries are currently considered low risk, based on their COVID-19 situation, demand for few trips will be enormous.

“The whole world is fighting for the available beds in yellow countries,” the Chief Executive of travel firm Corendon, Steven van der Heijden, pointed out in this regard.

He expects the package holidays to be over €200 more expensive per person.

“In addition, popular destinations such as the Canary Islands, Crete, Corfu, and mainland Spain are still not open to Dutch tourists, and it will take even longer before destinations like Turkey and Egypt are cleared,” Van der Heijden pointed out.

In order to facilitate travel with its neighbouring countries, the Netherlands’ Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) proposed to initiate a travel bubble between the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium in case that vaccination passports’ introduction is delayed.

Vaccination documents are another issue that has not been sorted out yet. In this regard, the European Union will unfold its plans of introducing an app that will show if travellers have been vaccinated.

Authorities in the Netherlands are also working on an application system, even though it already has a tested and tried paper document that reveals what kind of vaccinations the carrier has had.

However, not all regional health boards in the country register COVID-19 vaccines in the multilingual registration system operated by the health ministry -yellow vaccination booklet.

According to an international survey conducted by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, nearly half of the Dutch plan to spend summer holidays in the Netherlands’ territory.

NBTC’s survey found that even though most Dutch are eager to go on a summer vacation, about 45 per cent will not go abroad.

Based on Worldometers’ statistics, a total of 1,571,398 persons have tested positive for the COVID-19, in the Netherlands, up to this point, and 17,380 persons have died.

The same source shows that more than 1,333,280 persons have fully recovered from the disease in the Netherlands, while there are over 220,730 active cases.

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