Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Switzerland Plans to Lift Quarantine for Vaccinated Arrivals & Those Who Have Recovered From COVID-19

As Switzerland prepares to enter the third phase-out of lockdown, travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 and those who have already received their anti-virus jabs will no longer be required to enter quarantine.

The strategy proposed by the Federal Council is to be implemented if the vaccination campaign continues at the same pace as now and if people can protect themselves until they receive their vaccines, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

In a press release issued by the Federal Council, travellers are advised to carefully check information and recommendations for travel guidelines, especially the current list of countries and regions known with an increased risk of infection, as everyone coming from these countries is required to go into quarantine.

Travelling to countries where the new virus mutations have been detected is not recommended.  A final decision is yet to be taken on the vaccines that will enable travellers to be exempted from quarantine and how long the latter should last.

As part of the three-phased model, once high-risk residents and those willing to get vaccinated receive their shots, the government will proceed from protection to the stabilization phase while starting the fourth round of reopening. This round will allow restaurants to offer service indoors, starting on May 31, whereas the number of gatherings will be increased.

The Federal Council will present the proposal to decision-making authorities, and a final verdict is expected to be determined on May 26.

Besides travelling, the Council recommends the events to increase its capacity from 50 to 100 people for indoor activities and 100 to 300 people for outdoors.

As per restaurants, as long as the number of infected positive cases remains low, indoor service will be allowed. Lifting restaurants’ restriction is a crucial step for the government since people from different environments, wearing no masks, will be in contact, increasing the possibility of infection transmission.

While the requirement to wear a mask outdoors will be removed, distancing or screens, no more than four people per table, contact details of all guests to be recorded, seating only requirements will remain the same for indoor and outdoor environments.

For other activities such as playing amateur sports and cultural activities, a maximum of 30 people will be allowed, alongside matches. The indoor sports activities can be conducted if no more than 15 people are attending. The number can be expanded if the attendees are wearing face coverings.

For businesses that get tested regularly, remote working will not be required, similarly to higher education institutions, which will apply more in-person teaching experiences, with the 50-person limit cap being lifted.

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