Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Spain Lifts Entry Restrictions for Britons, While It Remains on UK’s Amber List

Coronavirus entry restrictions for British travellers have ceased applying on Monday, meaning Brits can travel to Spain without being required to present a negative COVID-19 test result.

The relaxation of entry measures will also apply to Japanese visitors and travellers globally who have received anti-COVID vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), reports.

On the other hand, currently, Spain is placed on the UK’s “amber list” of countries, alongside Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For that matter, travellers arriving from Spain to the United Kingdom must quarantine for a minimum of ten days upon their return and take two home COVID-19 tests that must be negative before the ten-day quarantine comes to an end.

Spain, too, applies strict rules for travellers, requiring them to wear face coverings in and outdoors.

The UK Business Minister, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, advised British citizens not to travel to amber list countries unless necessary.

“The reality is, at the moment, amber countries [such as Spain] are still not meeting the criteria for our scientists to say that they should be green. So don’t go unless you have to, and remember that, if you do go, you will have to quarantine for ten days, and that will be monitored,” Minister Trevelyan said on Monday.

Unlike UK officials, Spain’s Tourism Secretary, Fernando Valdés, believes that Spain will be upgraded to the “green list” of destinations due to the decreasing infection rates and COVID-19 vaccination solid rollout.

The UK’s traffic light system will be reviewed on June 6, when Spain and other countries are expected to be moved from the “amber list” to the “green list” of destinations.

Since tourism destinations in Spain have been opened, inter-regional travelling has been promoted, and hotel reservations have increased. Costa del Sol, a popular Spanish destination, is visited by many UK travellers, with them accounting for one-third of all arrivals in Malaga airport before the pandemic occurred.

We have opened the door, but now we need the support of the British government so that citizens can come [to Spain] without restrictions,” the head of the tourism department in Costa del Sol, Margarita del Cid, said.

In 2020, Málaga province, the representing region of Costa del Sol coastal strip, indicated that 9.3 million tourists decrease, from which 2.2 million were from the UK and €10 billion were lost from tourist spending.

In 2019, in the meantime, 18 million Britons had visited Spain, accounting for 21.6 per cent of all arrivals.

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