Monday, May 31, 2021

Norway Provides Special Entry Quarantine for Norwegian & Allied Defense Personnel

The Norwegian Government has decided to introduce an adjusted entry quarantine for the Norwegian and Allied defence personnel who have already been vaccinated or recovered from the COVID-19 during the last six months.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Health and Care Services together with the Ministry of Defense, it was revealed that fully vaccinated defence personnel will now have their quarantine period adjusted to their working hours.

However, if the members of the defence personnel present a negative PCR test result taken three days after their entry in Norway, they will be exempt from the entry requirement during working hours or leisure time.

The new changes started applying on May 28, in a bid of the Government to ensure that the defence personnel is able to carry out its operational tasks, reports.

Norway has already introduced an adjusted entry quarantine for professional football players who need to leave and enter the country frequently.

According to the Ministries, joined exercises and training between Norway and its neighbouring countries are a crucial component of the Norwegian security policy. With the newly introduced exceptions, the authorities will ensure that such exercises and training are being carried out effectively and cautiously.

“Allied presence in Norway in the form of training and exercises is important for Norwegian security, and we have throughout the pandemic facilitated such activity within the framework of good infection control. Adapted to the entry quarantine for protected or fully vaccinated defence personnel will make reception easier at the same time as infection control is taken care of in a good way,” the Ministry’s statement reads.

The self-isolation period for those belonging to this group is now carried out in garrisons, military camps, tents, or other similar accommodations. However, it is suggested that quarantine should be carried out in small groups of people. The groups must be physically separated from other groups and civilians.

Additionally, in line with the National Institute of Public Health figures, the Norwegian authorities have decided to move the Faroe Islands and hospital districts of Södra Savolax and Kainuu in Finland from the yellow list to the red one. All persons arriving in Norway from one of these areas will be required to stay self-isolated for ten days.

Consequently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all non-essential travel to these areas as the infection rates and the local restrictions can change at any time.

The decision enters into force today, May 31, and will be effective until July 1.

Previously, Norway lifted quarantine hotel requirements for seafarers and persons carrying out important social functions in the country.

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