Thursday, May 27, 2021

Norway Issues Special Entry Quarantine Requirements for Top Football Players

Norway has introduced an adjusted entry quarantine for professional top football players who are obliged to enter and exit the country frequently while completing national team assignments.

According to the new rules, the athletes must be in full quarantine until they get a negative PCR test result, which must be taken the earliest on the third day of their return, reports.

At the same time, they are allowed to work during the quarantine period, which means they can attend their training and play matches, but the leisure quarantine will be effective until they get another negative PCR test, taken on day seven of quarantine.

The quarantine requirement for athletes in question is mandatory and must comply with the adjusted entry quarantine implementation guidelines prepared by the Norwegian Football Association.

“The government has always stood up for sports. We received the inquiry from NFF on Friday, and I am glad that we have now decided on an adapted entry quarantine, with an associated strict infection control regime, so that the top football players in question can play international matches for Norway,” Minister of Culture and Gender Equality, Abid Raja said.

These frameworks indicate that the medical personnel will closely monitor players, who are obliged to respect the strict measures by staying completely isolated from others.

Recently, Norway ended quarantine hotel requirements for seafarers from the European Economic Area (EEA), Schengen Area, and the United Kingdom. Based on the Norwegian Directorate of Health and Institute of Public Health recommendations, these people can undergo self-isolation on ships, whereas people from this category that carry important social duties can be self-quarantined in their homes or other designated facilities.

Norway has also advised its citizens against travelling abroad until July 1 since numerous countries remain in severe COVID-19 situation due to the infections rates in their territory. The government also recommends that any travelling shouldn’t occur until most populations get vaccinated against the virus.

In a bid to prevent Coronavirus’ further spread, the Prime Minister of Norway announced recently that the country intends to offer about five million vaccine doses to countries in need.

“It is now that we must act to ensure that the world is better prepared to handle future health crises,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg added.

Previously, Norway has removed entry restraints for EEA, Schengen Zone, and the UK, provided that the countries have low COVID-19 infection rates.

According to Worldometers data on Norway infection rates, 33,927 people are currently infected, 783 have died, and 88,952 have recovered from the disease. In total, Norway so far has recorded 123,662 COVID-19 cases.

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