Monday, May 10, 2021

Merkel Says Unvaccinated Tourists Should Also Be Allowed to Travel This Summer

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has brought back the hopes of unvaccinated travellers that they will be permitted to travel throughout Europe this summer after the head of Germany said on Saturday that unvaccinated Europeans might be able to travel this summer if the cases continue declining.

While speaking to journalists in Berlin, following a video conference with other EU leaders, the Chancellor also talked about the possibility that unvaccinated EU travellers could also travel this summer throughout the whole block of the European Union.

She, however, did not reveal a specific date when that could happen, reports.

I cannot yet name the day when this will be the case,” she said.

Supporting her statements, Merkel brought up the case of the drop in Coronavirus cases in Portugal in the recent months due to the drastic lockdown the authorities imposed in January when the country had one of the highest COVID-19 incidences.

Considering what low levels of infection some EU countries like Portugal already have now, I am very hopeful that we can afford overall what was possible last summer,” the Chancellor said.

Yet, she noted that while the level of infections falls throughout the territory of Germany, the country will also lift the restrictions.

Step by step, more will be possible in Germany, too, wherever the incidence drops, and that will hopefully be the case for all of Europe,” she said.

Germany introduced a new regulation last week which grants more freedoms to those who have been fully vaccinated against the virus, as well as to those who have recovered from COVID-19 within the last six months.

In order for the regulation to become effective, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier needs to sign it into force, which could happen within this week. Once the ordinance is effective, those vaccinated against the virus and those who have recovered will no longer have to quarantine.

Merkel made these statements during a meeting of the EU leaders in Berlin, where, among others, was discussed the issue of COVID-19 EU travel certificates, through which the block intends to facilitate the freedom of movement for Europeans.

While some countries as Germany have still not revealed concrete plans to reopen their borders for non-essential trips for fellow EU citizens, Denmark already permits travel for vaccinated travellers to and from its territory.

Iceland, on the other hand, already permits entry for vaccinated travellers and those who have recovered from the virus, including for travellers from non-EU countries. Whereas Greece, which already permits vaccinated travellers from several third countries to enter its territory, is preparing to reopen its borders on May 14 to all vaccinated travellers worldwide.

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