Thursday, May 27, 2021

Latvia to Allow Restriction-Free Entry for Vaccinated EU/EEA Citizens, Brits & Other Third-Country Travellers

The Latvian authorities have announced that fully vaccinated travellers from the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, and third countries, including the United Kingdom, will now be allowed to travel to Latvia, provided that they present proof of vaccination.

The vaccine should be approved by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organisation, and 15 days should have passed since the shot(s) was taken.

Furthermore, through a press release, the Latvian Ministry of Transport revealed that travellers from third countries wishing to enter its territory will be exempt from undergoing a second test and will also be allowed to skip the self-isolation requirement upon entry.

The Ministry of Transport of Latvia has prepared amendments in line with the European Union Council Recommendation, which it will present to the Cabinet of Ministers, in order to remove restrictions that no longer need to be extended for persons vaccinated against the COVID-19.

Consequently, the prepared amendments anticipate lifting the ban on non-essential travel to Latvia, reports.

“The project stipulates that fully vaccinated persons can travel to Latvia from the EU, EEA, United Kingdom, Switzerland and third countries, presenting to the carrier only a confirmation of receipt of the vaccine. The prepared amendments also envisage lifting the ban on insignificant travel to Latvia,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

Nonetheless, the requirement to provide a negative test result carried out within 72 hours before entering Latvia still remains effective.

Exempt from the self-isolation requirement when entering Latvia are also the following groups of people:

  • Transport employees who transport goods or provide passenger transport services
  • Crew and crew members
  • Those returning from an important trip or mission outside the country
  • Seafarers

On the other hand, travellers wishing to enter Latvia from a country that has registered more than 50 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants are obliged to stay self-isolated for ten days.

So far, the vaccination process in Latvia has been running smoothly as nearly half of the population has received two doses of the vaccine. It is also expected that by the end of June, more than half of Latvia’s population over the age of 16 will have received the first dose of the vaccine.

Earlier last month, the Latvian authorities decided to abolish testing requirements for fully vaccinated teachers, doctors, and social care workers.

Until now, Latvia has registered a total of 132,258 COVID-19 cases, 2,355 deaths, and 123,466 fully recovered citizens. Currently, the country numbers 6,437 active Coronavirus cases.

Previously, it was reported that Latvia would permit persons who have completed the vaccination against the Coronavirus to skip quarantine requirement when entering the country. Additionally, the article revealed that only 0.15 per cent of the detected COVID-19 cases in Latvia during this year were imported through air transport.

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