Friday, May 7, 2021

Italian Police Capture Gang Involved in Counterfeiting Migrant Documents in Naples

The Italian police authorities have busted a gang of Afghan, Pakistani, and Italian nationals who allegedly generated fake stay permits in Naples in order to allow migrants to remain in Italy and the Schengen Area illegally.

The police explained that the group members provided fake permits to Pakistanis, Tunisians, Moroccans, Indians, Afghans, Russians, Ukrainians, and several other non-European citizens coming from risk areas.

Of the members, one was taken into custody, two were placed under house arrest, and 11 served forced-residence orders.

The group was charged with conspiracy to favour migration, fraud, and falsification of legal documents, reports.

Furthermore, the alleged gang was headed by Iqbal Naveed, a Pakistani national, who now is in jail custody, as well as by the Moroccan Lahoussine Chajaoune, who is placed under house arrest.

According to the police, presumably, the gang was also working in conjunction with other migrant gangs from Belgium and France.

As for the fake documents, they were produced in counterfeiting workshops in Naples and then were sent to the other two aforementioned countries, police said.

On the other hand, the mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, has made a call to establish a European civil service in order to rescue migrants at sea following the catastrophic shipwrecks that took place along the Mediterranean coast.

“The time has come to set up a European civil service to rescue migrants at sea,” the mayor of the southern Italian city of Palermo said.

He suggested that a service called “Recs, the Research European civil service” could supervise rescue and carry search operations in the Mediterranean Sea, more specifically between Northern Africa and Southern Europe.

Orlando also called for collaboration between charities and NGOs and different cities of Europe under the EU’s support.

In regards to the mayor’s proposal, a similar case was previously reported, where around 100 Moroccan migrants had to be rescued after they tried to reach Spain’s Ceuta enclave through swimming.

Moreover, the Sea-Watch 4 charity ship has rescued over 450 migrants, including children and minors, from the Mediterranean, who attempted to make the hazardous journey from Libya.

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