Thursday, May 20, 2021

Ireland May Permit Restriction-Free Travel for Vaccinated US Citizens by July

Ireland may start welcoming travellers from the United States by mid-June, at the same time that the European Commission plans to launch the “green certification” system within the bloc.

Such hopes have been raised by the country’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney, in its recent declaration, reports.

Coveney stressed that international movement into Ireland depends on vaccination and the ability of passengers to prove vaccination status.

According to him, the country’s government still needs to formalize schemes on reopening restriction-free travel between the United States and Ireland.

In this regard, the Minister for Foreign Affairs emphasized that “there was to be a memo actually today in government on international travel, but there is a bit more work required so it will be coming next week rather than this week.”

Up to this point, more than 256,390 persons have tested positive for the Coronavirus in Ireland, and 4,941 persons have died. Worldometers’ figures reveal that 238,567 persons have fully recovered from the virus, while there are 12,882 active cases.

Considering these figures and the COVID-19 situation in other countries, the Irish government is currently trying to find safe ways to restore the travel and tourism industry that has suffered huge financial loss due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coveney stressed that the launching of vaccination documents would facilitate the travel process and help restore travel within the block.

“This will mean that everybody in the EU will have on their mobile phone a scan code which, when they go through the airport, will be scanned and it will give the authorities in that airport the COVID status of the person – whether they’ve been vaccinated, whether they’ve been PCR tested negative, whether they’ve had COVID in the last six months and have recovered,” he stressed.

Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs stressed that the country would make decisions to open its doors for all vaccinated travellers, adding that testing results probably will be needed for persons who have recovered from the virus.

He said that then the country would consider making a similar approach for travel to and from the United States, where vaccinated citizens would be permitted to travel to Ireland without being subject to any restrictions imposed to halt the spread of the virus.

Earlier this month, Ireland’s government allowed entry for citizens of Austria and Italy without obliging them to stay in hotel quarantine upon their arrival.

However, some of Ireland’s imposed COVID-19 preventive measures have been considered unhelpful and overly strict. In this regard, the French Ambassador to Ireland, Vincent Guérend, highlighted that the country’s mandatory quarantine system is overly strict, restricting passengers from travelling for exceptional purposes.

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