Saturday, May 8, 2021

Germany Investigates 213 Turkish Nationals for Entering Germany With Fake Service Passports

The German authorities have undertaken an investigation against hundreds of Turkish nationals suspected of entering the territory of Germany on service passports that were obtained illegally.

This type of passport allows visa-free entry to many countries and is usually issued to government workers who need to be abroad to carry out official duties as well as national athletes.

Allegedly, the German police were aware of the irregularities and actively observed trafficking activities since 2020 while working closely with the Turkish authorities. Thus, Bavaria’s public prosecutors, specifically those from Weiden, have opened an investigation for the persons involved in the smuggling activities.

The chief prosecutor of Weiden, Gerd Schäfer, explained that another investigation was carried out against 30 persons suspected of smuggling the aforementioned 213 migrants in Germany by obtaining service passports to assist those non officially entitled to enter Germany.

He claimed that this is only the beginning of the investigation and that they expect the Turkish authorities to cooperate in clarifying the case.

A similar investigation is currently in process in Hanover, which involves an individual who allegedly sent counterfeit invitations to 53 people in Malatya, a large city in Eastern Anatolia, to attend a meeting regarding environmental issues. As reported by the public prosecutors of Hanover, 46 persons entered Germany by bus before disappearing. Later on, five of them applied for asylum.

Taking into account the illegal developments in the country, German politicians have urged for more clarity,  reports.

On the other hand, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Yavuz Selim Kiran, from the ruling party, stated that there is no room for concern as well as explained that the German authorities had been advised by Turkey to “reject applications for asylum from people who had abused the grey passport, whom Turkey would take back at any time.”

Furthermore, the Turkish Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu said that the Turkish government launched an investigation regarding the allegations almost two months ago.

He continued by saying that during the past six months, the applications for a service visa have been denied to 4,496 persons. Moreover, he revealed that of the total number of people who obtained a grey passport since 2018, 109,000 applicants, only 804 of them did not return to Turkey after the document expired.

A similar case was previously reported, where three criminal group members were arrested for smuggling around 80 Middle Eastern nationals to Germany through Turkey.

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