Saturday, May 22, 2021

Germany Bans UK Travellers From Entering the Country Due to COVID-19 Variants

German authorities have decided to add the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the list of high-risk countries where COVID-19 mutations have widely spread, starting from Sunday, May 23. The Isle of Man, as well as all Channel Islands and all British overseas territories, are included in the decision.

The decision has been announced by the German Missions in the United Kingdom, which through a notice, announced that from Sunday and on, an entry ban would be imposed on arrivals and transport from the UK.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland continues to be affected by COVID-19. There are local outbreaks occurring again, including cases of more infectious variants such as the Indian variant at present. Therefore, to prevent the further spread of the virus, the United Kingdom has been classified as an area of variant of concern with effect from May 23, 2021,” the notice reads.

Yet, in spite of the ban, several categories will remain permitted to enter the country, which are:

  • German citizens or persons with domicile and right of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany and their spouses or registered civil partners from the same household and minor children
  • Travellers transferring from one flight to another and remain in the airport transit area

The decision follows the introduction of a Coronavirus Entry Ordinance, which on May 12  for the first time brought together all the provisions of the original Coronavirus Entry Ordinance, the Coronavirus Protection Ordinance and the Model Quarantine Ordinance, thus regulating the registration, quarantine and test verification obligations nationwide as well as the ban on transport from virus variant areas.

According to the ordinance, all air passengers to Germany are subject to a general test verification requirement, which means that regardless of whether they were in a risk area, they must present a negative test result to the carrier before departure.

At the same time, arrivals from foreign risk, high incidence, or virus variant areas are subject to special test and verification obligations in addition to quarantine. This applies only to categories exempt from the ban, as due to the entry ban, the majority of travellers cannot enter the country.

Arrivals from non-variant areas who can prove they have been vaccinated against the virus, or who have recently recovered from COVID-19 will be exempt from the requirement of a negative test certificate and entry quarantine.

Currently, aside from the UK, Botswana, Brazil, Eswatini, India, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa are part of Germany’s list of countries with COVID-19 variants.

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