Thursday, May 20, 2021

German Police Warn More Citizens Are Searching for Fake Vaccine Certificates Ahead of Summer

The European Commission’s idea of establishing Digital Green Passports in order to facilitate travel for vaccinated citizens has pushed many EU citizens to find alternative ways to obtain the document, especially ahead of the summer season, at a time when not everyone has access to the vaccine, even within the block.

In Germany, police officers have reported that criminals already started to sell illicit proof of Coronavirus vaccinations, reports.

According to the President of the Federation of German Criminal Investigators (BDK), Sebastian Fiedler, “the problem of false certificates already exists today and will continue for a long time.”

“It will remain an issue for quite a while, since a complete vaccination will be associated with either an exemption from basic rights restrictions or, it increasingly appears, with travel entry or exit advantages,” Fiedler pointed out in this regard.

Germany’s Chairman of the Police Trade Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, also warned against forged vaccination passes.

“Vaccination cards or other vaccination certificates are anything but forgery-proof. For the police, however, a forgery on paper is extremely difficult to detect if it is not too clumsy,” Wendt pointed out.

The country’s Health Minister Jens Spahn announced that the government would lift the priority limits on receiving a COVID-19 vaccine from June 7. Currently, only persons included in the priority groups, ranked by medical conditions, age and profession, are eligible to receive most vaccines.

However, according to a survey conducted by Eurofound, three in ten Germans claim that they do not intend to accept a vaccine when offered.

Still, Minister Spahn believes that the digital green passports would ease travel amid the third wave of the Coronavirus. He went on to say that the country is prepared to roll out a digital “immunity app” to show proof of vaccination for Germans by the end of June.

Even though the idea to sell illicit proof of COVID-19 vaccination has not only been initiated in Germany but also in other countries. However, earlier this week, Germany’s authorities announced that they would permit vaccinated travellers and persons who have fully recovered from the virus to enter the country without undergoing testing and quarantine requirements upon their arrival.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 3,627,777 persons have tested positive for the Coronavirus in Germany, while 87,405 persons have died, according to the statistics published by Worldometers.

The same source reveals that over 3,358,000 people have fully recovered from the disease, while there are 182,372 active cases.

Last month, the Council of European Union agreed on launching the Digital Green Certificate, proposed by the EU Commission; however, the Commission insisted that it must not become a precondition for travel.

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