Thursday, May 6, 2021

Fully Vaccinated EU Citizens & Residents Can Now Travel to & From Denmark

Denmark has reminded all Danish citizens and residents that since Saturday, May 1, they are permitted to travel to and from countries in the orange category if they have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

In a press release issued by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 6, the same notes that fully vaccinated people resident in Denmark are now eligible to travel to orange countries around the world without requiring a test or needing to self-isolate on their return.

In cases when these people travel with their children, the latter will be obliged to be tested after entering Denmark only if they are aged 15 to 17 years old.

At the same time, the Ministry points out that Danish residents who have recovered from the Coronavirus are also eligible to travel to orange countries around the world without any restrictions, testing or quarantine.

Fully vaccinated or previously infected people will no longer have to present a negative test prior to boarding flights to Denmark from yellow and orange countries,” the Ministry explains.

If further notes that the obligation for pre-entry testing when travelling to Denmark has also been relaxed, which means that now travellers can take the test within 28 hours before reaching Denmark, instead of within 24 hours as it has been so far.

As per foreigners who are permanent residents in any of the EU and Schengen Area countries in the orange categories, who have also been vaccinated in any of these countries, they can also enter Denmark without an essential purpose and without the need to test or isolate upon arrival.

The stricter entry requirements when travelling from red countries and regions continue to apply,” the MFA points out.

The Ministry also notes that these travellers are no longer discouraged from travelling to orange countries and regions, while at the same time warning them to remain aware of the entry restrictions in place at their destination country.

While these vaccinated people will now be able to enter Denmark without entry restrictions, they will still be required to show proof of vaccination before entering the territory of Denmark. Those who have recovered from the virus will also need to show proof that they have previously been infected.

The Ministry calls attention to the fact that restrictions remain in place for arrivals from red countries and regions, even for vaccinated people, mostly due to concerns about new CVOID-19 variants.

The exemption in the travel advice for fully vaccinated and previously infected people does not apply when travelling to red countries and regions. This is because the countries and regions are categorised as red due to concerns regarding virus variants.

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