Wednesday, May 12, 2021

French Police Carry Out Around 2,500 Quarantine Inspections & Issue 141 Fines

 The French Ministry of Interior has announced that on May 6, the country’s police have conducted 2,479 quarantine checks and have fined 141 persons for violating the quarantine restrictions.

According to the official reports, around 4000 persons who have arrived from red list countries to France have experienced quarantine checks until now.

The authorities of France have imposed a ten-day mandatory quarantine restriction for all arrivals from countries placed on the red list, which represents countries with a high risk of COVID-19, reports.

The strict quarantine requirement was initially introduced during April for Brazil, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina, while India has been lately added to the list. The police closely monitor the quarantine.

Moreover, the Journal Officiel’s announcement pointed out that the requirements also apply to all arrivals from the French overseas department of French Guiana, which borders Brazil.

Except for the countries mentioned above, the French authorities have added seven other countries to the list, including Turkey, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. The measure for these countries entered into force on May 9.

“For the most part, only French and European nationals with their main residence in France will be able to enter the country,” French Minister Gérald Darmanin said.

Travel from the countries subjected to mandatory ten-day quarantine is allowed for essential purposes only. Moreover, arrivals from red list countries must also follow a stringent testing regime prior to travelling to France.

The restrictions apply to all travellers over the age of 11 and, except for the quarantine requirements, the following rules are included:

       All persons travelling from a red list country must undergo a PCR test 36 hours before travel or a PCR test 72 hours before travel, which should be followed by another rapid antigen test 24 hours before arrival.

       All travellers must provide a quarantine address when boarding; the ten-day quarantine can be completed at an address chosen by the travellers themselves, either at a hotel or home.

       Travellers must undergo another Coronavirus test as soon as they enter France and admit to the border guards that they will stay self-isolated.

The police authorities will also conduct checks at the provided address during the ten-day quarantine to make sure that the rules are being followed.

In addition, those subject to mandatory quarantine will be contacted by health authorities to be reminded of the rules and are allowed to carry necessary errands for two hours during the day, between ten am until noon.

Those who leave the accommodation out of the given schedule will have to pay a fine, ranging from €1,000 to €1,500.

Recently, France decided to start classifying countries based on their epidemiological situation through the so-called traffic light system, divided into three groups: red, orange, and yellow.

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