Friday, May 21, 2021

Finland Extends Current Entry Restrictions Until Mid-June – Permits Entry for Israelis & Thais

The Finnish Government has decided to prolong the existing entry restrictions that were set to remain effective until May 25 in order to contain the further spread of the COVID-19 and its variants in the territory.

As a result, the authorities have decided to perform internal border checks and impose restrictions on external border traffic, following the new decision that will enter into force on May 24. The new decision is set to remain effective until June 15, reports.

On the other hand, in a press release issued by the Finnish Ministry of Interior, it was revealed that the restrictions will be lifted for residents living in bordering towns between Finland and Norway.

As for the Schengen Area countries, Finland continues to keep in place its restrictions against all countries, except for Iceland. Finland decided to remove the entry restrictions against Iceland in February, after evaluating the epidemiological situation in the country.

Referring to the prolongation of entry restrictions, the Ministry emphasised that only citizens of Finland who wish to return back to the country and European Union or Schengen Area citizens travelling to Finland for essential purposes are allowed to cross the border points currently opened for passenger traffic.

Moreover, the Ministry stressed that everyone has the right to leave Finland at any time unless it is restricted by law.

“The grounds for entry allowed at border crossing points open to passenger traffic are the return of residents of Finland or another EU or Schengen state and other necessary reasons. In the future, participation in the entrance examination of an educational institution, if participation requires a physical presence, is also considered a justified personal reason to enter the country,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

External border checks continue to remain in place as well. However, according to the epidemiological assessment, entry restrictions will be abolished for Israeli nationals arriving in Finland from May 24.

Additionally, entry restrictions will also be removed for citizens of Thailand.

Finland has already lifted all of its entry restrictions for arrivals from Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Rwanda, and New Zealand due to the low infection rate prevailing in these countries.

The entry restrictions do not apply to boat traffic between Schengen countries either. Cruise ships are also permitted to enter the Finnish port as long as the passengers do not land in Finland.

The Finnish Government continues to encourage that everyone avoids unnecessary travel abroad, with the exception of countries where the entry restrictions have been lifted for Finnish citizens.

Previously, the Finnish authorities informed that the country plans to keep its borders closed for travellers from EU/Schengen Area countries until late summer. Thus, this might not be the last time that the authorities extend the restrictions.

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