Monday, May 24, 2021

EU Executive Vice President Hopes Tourism Will Help Portugal to Revive Its Economy 

The Executive Vice President of the European Commission, Valdes Dombrovkis, believes that Portugal’s tourism is recovering, and he also hopes that the sector will further contribute to the country’s economy, which currently holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union, reports.

“With regards to tourism in Portugal, we can see that already the sector is gradually starting to reopen and tourists are starting to arrive again, so it is expected that it will also contribute to the recovery of the Portuguese economy,” the European Commission Vice President, said.

During an informal meeting with European finance ministers situated at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon, Dombrovskis also highlighted how the tourism sector in Portugal has gradually grown over the past decade. However, he also noted that there are communication, cultural, transport and aviation events in Portugal that have been severely affected by the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the virus, which need to be worked out.

On the other hand, on May 17, Portugal opened its borders for all passengers arriving from European Union countries, Schengen Area countries and the UK. Travellers from countries with less than 500 cases of SARS-2 per 100,000 individuals in the last 14 days are allowed to enter Portugal for tourism.

In order for travellers to do so, a negative test result of COVID-19 has to be provided, which must be performed within 72 hours before arrival in Portugal.

Previously, Portugal had lifted travelling restrictions for the United Kingdom and Brazil, allowing specific categories from these two countries to enter its territory.

The Vice President also spoke about Portugal’s recovery and resilience plan, presented to the European Commission in mid-April, which expects a €16.6 billion fund (of which €13.9 billion related to grants), and intended for “a lot of focus on diversification, economy and enhancing the added value of the economy and innovation. “

Dombrovksis believes that implementing this plan will bring balance for the economic growth of Portugal.

Furthermore, last week, the Portuguese government presented Building the Future, a plan to recover tourism, which identifies an investment of over €6 million in the tourism sector and seems to exceed the €27 billion target of revenues intended to come out of tourism in 2027. The European Union ambassadors have also agreed on the COVID-19 digital certificate on Thursday, which will ease out the movement within EU countries starting this summer.

Last year, the European Commission granted nearly 500 million in a bid to help Portugal, Belgium and Romanias airlines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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