Saturday, May 22, 2021

Denmark: Restriction-Free Entry for Travellers From Few Regions in Austria, Germany, Italy & Poland

Starting from May 22, in the afternoon, arrivals from six regions in four European Union Member States will be able to enter Denmark completely restriction-free, including for non-essential purposes as tourism.

The facilitation of restrictions for these travellers derives from a decision of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has updated the country’s travel guidelines for the EU and Schengen area countries, moving the following regions from the orange category to the yellow category, in which are placed low-risk countries and areas:

  • Austria: Burgenland
  • Germany: Schleswig-Holstein
  • Italy: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Molise, Sardegna (Sardinia)
  • Poland: Podkarpackie

No countries or regions have moved from the other categories, as the Danish authorities have asserted that the situation in them has not improved nor deteriorated in terms of Coronavirus infections, reports.

The border country Schleswig-Holstein in Germany turns yellow on Saturday due to low infection rates. As Germany allows stays/border traffic of less than 24 hours duration without special restrictions, then border trade will again be possible. For longer stays, travellers must be aware of German entry requirements,” the Ministry explains in a press release announcing the decision.

It also notes that for the rest of Germany, all non-essential travel is still discouraged due to high infection rates in the other parts of the country.

Denmark, just as the majority of the EU countries, is gradually reopening its borders, first for arrivals from the EU and Schengen Area, with the hopes of fully reopening the borders by summer for vaccinated travellers from third countries.

On May 1, the country started the second phase of its reopening plan by permitting fully vaccinated travellers and children under the age of 18 who are permanent residents in Denmark to travel to orange-listed countries.

Later on May 14, phase three of the gradual reopening of travel activities to and from Denmark began, as the country relaxed restrictions for countries and regions placed on the yellow list, exempting travellers coming from these parts of Europe from the obligation of quarantine.

At the same time, the country raised the incidence limit for opening/closing the yellow and orange countries/areas in the EU and Schengen countries from the previous 20/30 to 50/60 per every 100,000 residents in a period of seven days.

Currently, arrivals to Denmark from an area in the EU/Schengen Area which is placed in the orange list, are allowed to enter the country for non-essential purposes, but they remain subject to self-isolation and testing obligation. Those who hold immunity certificates, proving they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or who have recovered from the virus, are exempt from these requirements.

The obligation to quarantine for travellers from orange EU and Schengen Area countries is set to expire on June 26, during phase four.

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