Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Denmark Removes Entry Restrictions for Some Vaccinated Travellers

More vaccinated travellers have benefited from Denmark’s second phase of reopening after months of closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, in particular after the spread of the COVID-19 mutations in its territory.

The second phase of the gradual reopening of travel activities in and out of Denmark, which started out on May 1, has enabled those who are fully vaccinated as well as their travelling children under the age of 18 with permanent residence in Denmark to travel to orange countries all over the world.

These travellers will be free of the requirement for testing and isolation after returning home, yet, travelling older children from 15 to 17 years will continue to be tested after entry in Denmark.

According to a press release of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, travellers who have recovered from the virus and who have permanent residence in Denmark are also now eligible to travel to orange countries worldwide without the requirement for testing and isolation after returning home.

Fully vaccinated and previously infected must no longer present a negative test before boarding aircraft to Denmark from yellow and orange countries,” the MFA explains.

It further notes that the obligation to test 24 hours before entering the country has been extended to 48 hours, regardless of whether the travellers are reaching Denmark by plane or land.

Foreigners who are permanent residents of any European Union or Schengen area country and who have been vaccinated against the virus in any of these countries will also benefit from the relaxation of the entry rules. These travellers will no longer need to present negative COVID-19 test results. They also can enter Denmark for non-essential purposes as well, which has not been possible so far.

In order for a traveller to be able to be exempted from the restrictions, he/she must:

  • Be vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • Travel to Denmark not before 14 days since he/she was vaccinated and no later than180 days since your vaccination course was completed
  • Be a permanent resident of an EU/Schengen country and have completed the vaccination in an EU/Schengen country

As per travellers who have been infected with COVID-19 and recovered, they must be able to prove it through a positive antigen or PCR test for COVID-19, which has been performed at least 14 days and at most 180 days before the time of entry in order to be exempt from testing and isolation after entry into Denmark.

Foreigners who are previously infected and who enter from an orange country must continue to have a recognizable purpose for entering Denmark. Foreigners who can present a positive COVID-19 test, which has been carried out at least 14 days and at most 12 weeks before entry, are exempt from the requirement to present a negative test,” the Ministry points out.

Yet, strict requirements remain in place for those reaching Denmark from countries and regions marked red. Arrivals from these countries, even If they are fully vaccinated, remain subject to entry restrictions. Non-essential entry for travellers from these areas remains prohibited, including for fully vaccinated travellers.

Last Wednesday, April 28, Denmark banned entry for arrivals from India after the latter has registered an increased number of COVID-19 infections, which ban will remain in force until further notice.

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