Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Austria Relaxes COVID-19 Preventative Measures & Permits Entry From EU/Schengen Area Countries

The Austrian authorities have decided to relax most of the lockdown measures in a bid to help the country recover from the disastrous situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

From today, hotels and restaurants will be permitted to open after six months of being closed. However, some restrictions may still remain in place, reports.

The announcement regarding the opening of the gastronomy sector was confirmed by the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Furthermore, he also revealed that other sectors, including travel and tourism, will be able to resume their activity.

“We are on the final stretch in our fight against the pandemic,” the Austrian Chancellor added.

Nonetheless, the entry requirements will continue to remain effective in order to prevent a possible increase of Coronavirus infections.

Based on the new measures set by the authorities, restaurants can serve people in indoor and outdoor spaces. Nevertheless, distance and hygiene rules should be maintained at all times.

All persons will be required to keep their protective masks on at all times, except for when they are eating. In addition, no more than four people will be allowed to sit per table when in a closed environment, while a maximum of ten will be permitted per table when in an open environment.

According to the authorities, the second round of openings will take place six weeks after the first one, more precisely on July 1.

Besides the relaxation of lockdown measures, the Austrian Government confirmed that the country’s so-called “Green Pass” would be ready before May 19, but no announcement has been made yet as the immunity card is still being developed.

Concerning the arrivals from countries of the EU/Schengen Area, as of today, entry restrictions for these countries will be established based on the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

“From May 19, hotels in Austria will be allowed to reopen, and travellers from certain countries can enter Austria as tourists again. We are working on keeping the Corona infection numbers low, and we look forward to welcoming you again in Austria very soon,” the Austrian Official Travel Portal reads.

All persons entering Austria from a country placed in the green and orange list will not be subject to any of the entry restrictions.

On the other hand, those arriving in Austria from a country included in the red list must submit a negative COVID-19 test or prove that they have fully recovered. Similarly, citizens of countries placed on the dark red list will have to undergo the same restrictions as those in the red one, as well as stay self-isolated upon arrival.

Previously, reported that 3.4 million checks had been conducted at the Austrian border only during March to ensure public health.

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