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Travel experience in hot season everyone should memorize

 Summer is usually the peak season for tourism, but besides traveling on hot sunny days, there are many inconveniences, even affecting the health of visitors. For a safe and convenient trip, do not forget to "pocket" the hot season travel experiences below.

Some measures to ensure health and do not worry about missing the schedule are to drink enough water, wear cool clothes and do not forget to wear sunscreen ...

"Pocket" travel experience in hot season safe and convenient

Before the summer trip

Your travel trip will not be successful if it is dominated by weather problems. For example, the strongest heat wave of the year, the days with high UV index warning ... Especially, if there are children on the holiday, please carefully consider the departure time. Don't forget to constantly monitor the weather to promptly rearrange flights and tour schedules.


Travel experience in hot season everyone should memorizeDon't forget to follow the weather reports


If everything is ready, do not let the heat delay your trip. Refer to the useful experiences below:


Limit the impact of hot sun when traveling in the summer

Wear appropriate clothing

To keep the body temperature stable, not to get hot, squash, or sweaty, it is best to bring in the hot season travel luggage thin, light, airy clothes and good absorbent materials. 
In terms of accessories, a wide-brimmed hat is indispensable to cover the forehead and head.

A sunglasses will also block UV rays from reaching your eyes, making your vision better and feeling much more comfortable observing things. 

Also, carrying a thick towel and moistening it, wrapping it around the head and neck area is a great way to quickly cool down and make you more comfortable.


Travel experience in hot season everyone should memorizeCool outfits, add a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to withstand the sun


Drink enough water

Water is always an indispensable component of the body, especially during hot season trips , when the body produces too much sweat, it is essential to balance the amount of water lost to rehydrate. To lower the temperature quickly, it is best to bring cool water, otherwise just a bottle of filtered water at room temperature or mineral salt water to rehydrate both water and minerals for the body. You should not drink carbonated water, water has a sweet taste because they often create a feeling of thirst quickly, limit use.

A small note that do not let yourself too thirsty but also do not drink too much water, it can make your body become tired, worse or even fall into a state of "water poisoning".


Travel experience in hot season everyone should memorizeDon't forget to stay hydrated


Always wear sunscreen to combat the sun

For a long time, sunscreen types are not only for women. Traveling in the hot season , especially on beach trips, visiting parks and monuments that are constantly exposed to the sun, do not forget sunscreen can help protect your skin.

Pay attention to choose a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type, depending on the degree of sun exposure and the length of time you spend outdoors you choose sunscreens with a minimum SPF of 30-50.


Travel experience in hot season everyone should memorizeSunscreen is an indomitable object


Do not stay in the sun for too long

Even when you are on a tour, you think that a wide-brimmed hat is enough to bathe in the harsh sun but that is still not a good idea. Especially at noon (from 11:00 to 15:00), staying in the hot sun for a long time can lead to stroke. So give your body some time to rest in the shade. Or when it is sunny, you try to change your schedule to indoor amusement parks, museums, restaurants ... to ensure your own health.


Travel experience in hot season everyone should memorizeFind a shade right away from the sun when the opportunity arises. Photo: @phuong_fall

Don't forget to equip with basic first aid knowledge

Staying in the hot sun for a long time can easily cause visitors to heat shock, feel tired. Common ominous manifestations such as cramps, rapid pulse, pale skin, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms ... If one of the above symptoms, stop the tour immediately, move to a cool place. , lie down, loosen clothes, rest and drink water. You may need to rest for an hour or two before continuing on with your journey. If the situation is more serious please seek medical help.

Above are some hot season travel experiences for a convenient and healthy trip; Thanks to that, visitors will have good memories in the journey. If you are planning a vacation this summer, do not forget to equip all necessary equipment and memorize the above experiences.

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