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Note the error of putting your baggage overweight when traveling on the plane

 Do not be 'flipped' because you encounter errors of packing your luggage and making it overweight when traveling on the plane such as bringing large cosmetics, or stuffing too many books, ...

These overweight baggage stacking mistakes are actually all 'harmless', but they accidentally make your travel suitcase  much heavier. And of course, the consequence can be that you will have to remove your luggage, or have to buy luggage at a high price when you check-in at the airport. 


error loading baggage overweight while on the planeThe error of packing your baggage causes excess weight when traveling on the plane


6 errors of loading the baggage as overweight when traveling on the plane


1. Wear large size cosmetics

Personal items such as shower gel, toner, shampoo, ... all of these can have large volumes, and when you are not paying attention, you accidentally pack them into suitcases without noticing that they are extremely heavy, Can consume up to 1kg of your luggage.


error loading baggage overweight while on the planeExtract cosmetics to baby size!


So, the solution is to buy small beautiful cosmetic bottles that can be used for a long time, so that each trip, extract just enough and no longer haunt the worry of 'heavy weight' when packing!


2. Carry a lot of books

Well, you can say this is also the 'culprit' to name when you have problems with overweight flying that plane . Though compact, they are actually extremely heavy. Do your best, bring a book for your journey, or switch to the e-book genre that is both much easier and more convenient!


error loading baggage overweight while on the planeCarrying too many books, heavy but not sure you will read them all?

3. Carrying too many clothes

Are you sure you often make the mistake of loading your luggage and overweight when traveling on this plane , right? I was afraid to have nothing to wear, or in the morning to wear a skirt, wear a maxi at noon, in the afternoon to wear short, I did not know what to wear. True, there are places that need to be dressed properly, but before you go, plan to dress carefully like your sightseeing plan.


error loading baggage overweight while on the planeBring too many unnecessary clothes


Because when you move too much, you do not have time to change, or carry too many things and of course it will be redundant, if you try to cram into your suitcase. Well, they even overweight your luggage!

4. Do not take advantage of equipment and machinery 

Many people have the habit of bringing all kinds of accessories from tripod, camera tripod, handle, phone, camera, private camcorder, even flycam, wifi transmitter, ... all kinds of wiring equipment. If the trip is not about professionalism, try to make the most of it.


error loading baggage overweight while on the planeBring too many unnecessary equipment


You can record videos with applications for your device . Use the tripdod instead of the handle and selfie stick, ... All of which reduces the bulk and makes your trip more light when there is no worry of overweight !


5. Snacks brought in bars, heavy weight

This is also a mistake many people make, snacks to bring just enough and enough energy. Pay special attention to dry, low-weight items to lose weight for luggage! For example, grains and grains instead of carrying chocolate bars or dried food, they both occupy the area and are heavy.


error loading baggage overweight while on the planeBring dry snacks to lose weight


6. Wear travel clothes in winter that are too thick and heavy

Of course, it is impossible not to bring a combo of anti-cold clothes when traveling in the winter. But with the problem of putting your luggage overweight while on the plane you should also really consider. Prepare a gentle feather jacket but keep warm, limiting the bowl of bamboo shoots that are both heavy and occupy too much space. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum zip bag with a thick coat to reduce the weight of bulky wings.


error loading baggage overweight while on the plane
Wear winter gear that is too bulky or heavy


Well, a little tip for you not to worry about overweight when you get on the plane , that is to wear the heaviest jacket on you to avoid overweight problem when passing through the inspection gate!

No one wants to leave their luggage, or buy more luggage at the airport, so don't make the mistake of packing your luggage overweight when traveling on this plane .

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