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How to choose a cruise ship for a perfect trip?

 Cruise ships are an option for those who want to maximize their vacation time by visiting several locations, but do not have time to arrange transportation, hotels, etc. The cruise ships below will help you plan your best!

Cruises are a more than $ 40 billion industry, with ships of all shapes and sizes carrying more than 22 million passengers a year globally. With all that in mind there are so many options, so how do you choose the right cruise ship for your vacation spot? Here are some ways to choose a cruise ship by comparing itineraries with the pros and cons of each:

How to choose cruise ships according to each type

Sea yachts

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to cruise ships that cater to 5 star cruises . From cruising around Caribbean islands or across the Atlantic, to the Mediterranean or around the South Pacific, large ocean-going ships serve a number of popular destinations around the world.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipA cruise ship docked at the port of Antigua.


Large yachts are often referred to as floating hotels, as they can accommodate thousands of people at once and have a dizzying amount of amenities. Spas, casinos, theaters, full gyms, water slides and zip lines are just some of the features found on board, along with the many restaurants, shopping and perks like bed breakfast.

In choosing a cruise ship , it is important to pay attention to the itinerary. Usually ships have a capacity of between 2,000 and 4,000 passengers, with a cruise usually involving new ports of call every day (unless it's a transatlantic cruise, or the ship takes longer than a day to arrive next stop). You will have the opportunity to get off the sightseeing boat upon docking, but usually only about half a day before it is time to leave. The cruise lines have a variety of excursions available at each new site, but it costs around $ 100 USD per person depending on the activity.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipThe infinity pool on the Viking Cruise


Breakfast and lunch are usually buffet style, while delectable dinners are served in the more formal dining room. While basics like water and juice are provided for free, there are extra fees for soda and alcohol that can add up quickly if you're not careful.

There is certainly no shortage of things to entertain guests on a large ship, and along with the aforementioned facilities, there are also things like kids club areas, nightly performances ... All of that along with the huge pool area on the top deck, you never really need to leave the ship!


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipThe swimming pool area on Viking Star



Usually cheaper than traveling on smaller ships

- Lots of activities and amenities on board

- Good atmosphere

- Many dining options

- Many excursions available (fees apply)

- A great view of the gates from the top floor



- You may experience seasickness

- Usually not all services included, so the extra cost can add up quickly

- May have to pay extra for internet access (may be slow)

- Not much personal opinion, because there are a lot of guests

- Often limited in time at the port

- Accommodations could be small

Yachts on the river

Determining where you go is also one of the most important ways to choose a cruise ship  . Cruise on the river mainly serves Europe as well as parts of Egypt and Asia, river cruises are a way of exploring closer than a cruise ship and often benefits from parked close to the center of town. town, which means more time to explore and enjoy the beautiful terrestrial views.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipA yacht on the Viking River


There are countless itineraries available, going from the Netherlands to as far north as Portugal, along the Danube through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, and even to Russia. One river boat operates in a country such as Egypt, Myanmar or France, while the others travel across the continent.

Cruise ships can hold only a few hundred guests, so staff and guests get to know everyone in just a few days, creating a friendly atmosphere that makes sitting with complete strangers at every meal eating becomes much more pleasant. While the cabins are usually more spacious than cruises, you'll find plenty of room for fun while the cruise is running.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipA boat on the Viking River yacht


One of the best perks of a river cruise is that it is essentially all-inclusive, so there's nothing to think about when you get on the train. For example, Viking yachts include beer or wine with meals, Wi-Fi and daily tours for all guests with local, knowledgeable guides. Visitors on a yacht to famous famous cities like Paris will save some, as they can still see the city without paying more than $ 300 for a hotel room.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipTrain stops at the city of Budapest


It's no wonder river cruises are often sold to the elderly and you can't find many under 50. Entertainment is not much compared to a cruise ship, and only activities on board are collective activities on the highest deck! However, it's a relaxing ride and going to bed early means you'll get a good rest to visit the next day. Therefore,  the selection of river cruise ships will be based on the following main advantages and disadvantages:


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipA yacht on the Viking River passes through Durnstein, Austria



- Will not get seasick because there are no big waves in the river

- Usually all-inclusive, so there are no additional charges for alcohol or entrance fees

- To be served better for individuals due to fewer guests

- Reception rooms are large in size, many of which have balconies



- Not much comfort or entertainment

- The train can sometimes be delayed to its destination if it passes through the canal or the low water level may also change the course.


Small yachts or expedition ships

The word 'yacht' can evoke images of the rich and famous, but not all. Yacht is actually just a term for a smaller ship, used to serve in environmentally sensitive areas, or among small, remote islands in the Maldives, Panama and Costa Rica or the Seychelles. ...


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipImagine sailing through atolls in the Maldives!


Book a cruise on a yacht is an ideal way to explore outback spots, where there may be no accommodation options. 

Yachts are also popular in spots like the Caribbean or Australia, offering guests the chance to explore pristine areas and spend more relaxing time than hurried around big cities trying to see everything just in one day. How to choose the best small cruise ship should be based on the following advantages and disadvantages:


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipYachts of Ecoventura



Smaller group travel can mean more flexible itineraries

- Can be anchored in pristine areas thanks to smaller boats



- It is possible to get seasick because a small boat is strongly affected by the waves

- Can be noisy depending on the group

Very few entertainment options


Some important tips when choosing a cruise ship

In addition  to choosing a suitable cruise ship as mentioned above, you should also keep in mind the following important things to have a smooth trip:


When and where to go on a journey?

This is clearly the most important consideration, and there is more to it than just choosing a dream destination. Some itineraries include trips from country to country, while others such as Bermuda ocean trips focus on multiple ports in the same area.

Once you've located the location, consider timing. While cruise ships operate year round, certain areas are seasonally served only. For example, the optimal time for Caribbean cruises is November to April, while ports around the Baltic Sea are from May to September. spots like Europe: spring and summer bring flowers, sunshine and crowded ports, while sailing along the Rhine or Danube in winter means cold weather, few tourists and a chance to visit famous Christmas market. So consider suggesting a seasonal cruise ship itinerary that will come in handy.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipHow to choose a cruise ship?



Another important consideration when comparing cruise ships is to look closely at the itinerary. Those who enjoy the experience on a boat will be different from those who love adventure as you may find yourself getting to the mainland for very little time.

Although some cruise ships say they visit seven different ports during their one-week cruise, that doesn't mean passengers have enough time to see anything. If the ship doesn't dock until noon and is scheduled to depart at 4pm it will only take a few hours to explore, which is even more difficult in places like St. Petersburg. Petersburg, where passengers need to pass through Russian customs both ways.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipThe itinerary determines your trip


Travelers whose sole purpose is to relax may want to take advantage of cruises can choose a season other than the peak season. This means more days spent on board experiences, often resulting in significant cost savings.


Ship size

When it comes to choosing cruise ships at sea, bigger isn't always better. It all belongs to the kind of services and amenities you're looking for, as well as your final destination. For example a large ship can squeeze through narrow bridges common in Europe!


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipCruise ship to Italy


There are many pros and cons when it comes to small boats (such as those used for river cruises) compared to cruise ships, so tourists should consider what's important to them before choosing a cruise. For example, smaller boats mean an opportunity to better understand passengers and staff, and sailing on the river should have no problems with seasickness. Also, large ships tend to have incredible amenities like shopping, spas, waterslides, entertainment, multiple pool areas and many restaurants - but that means navigating always-crowded corridors. with more than 1000 people per day.


Cost includes and not included

The extra features are also known as how cruise ships make money. Although the price per passenger usually includes a shared room, meals and the use of the cruise's facilities. From wi-fi to butler and excursion packages to drink packages, those additional costs can really add up throughout the cost of a journey if you're not careful. Also tip for staff is also unavoidable! To avoid the shock of overpaying, think about what kind of add-ons you might be interested in then choose a suitable itinerary.


How to choose the most suitable cruise shipA 5 star yacht in the port


Now that you've figured out how to choose a cruise ship , when and where you want to travel, it's time to come up with one last important detail: which itinerary best suits your needs. !

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