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Experience extremely detailed summer cruises

 Coming up in May, you will definitely need these summer beach travel experiences!

In order to immediately implement the expected summer vacation plan, in order to be satisfied in the clear blue water with the sound of waves drifting, chill in the space of heaven and earth, you definitely have to 'take your bag' right away the experiences. Summer cruises in detail to this millimeter!


Summer beach travel experiencePocket-sized summer travel experiences


These marine travel experiences will help you have a safe and rewarding trip. Save now for the coming summer day!

Bag the items to prepare when traveling to the ocean

Swimwear: Of course, how can we lack swimsuits to delight in swimming and waving in the cool summer water. You should prepare at least 3 swimsuits so you can change them and in case the laundry has not been dried. There are many different swimwear brands with different designs for you to freely choose, so you should try to choose swimsuits that match your physique to be able to enhance the beauty and conceal your shortcomings.


Summer beach travel experienceFull option of costume for cruises


Large towels:  You will get cold after soaking in the beach for too long, so bring a large towel to use after going from the water, and wrap your body to cool off.

Thin shawl: If you are a girl, prepare yourself a thin, colorful scarf to put on your body. This just makes you more attractive, part of it helps you conceal the body if you are shy about wearing a bikini. In addition, this is also a way to prevent direct sunlight on the skin.

Beach clothes: Prepare thin clothes, such as shorts, T-shirts or if you are a girl, you can choose a flower loan, cool fabric ... so you can go for a walk in the sea to enjoy the breeze in the morning. early and afternoon.


Summer beach travel experienceBring a cape to wear


Shoes: Choose sports shoes, or waterproof shoes or flip-flops to be able to walk comfortably.

Wide-brimmed hat: Helps to protect your hair and helps you avoid harsh sunlight shining directly on your face. If you want, you can also bring a pair of sunglasses to avoid glare.

Swimming goggles: Eyes are extremely sensitive parts. Therefore, when traveling to the sea in summer, you should remember to bring swimming goggles, especially if you have children with them, you must prepare swimming goggles for children. Buy a pair of swimming goggles for your child to keep them from getting water in their eyes.


Summer beach travel experienceSwimming goggles are essential


Personal toiletries: There are some places, motels and hotels often do not provide personal belongings, so you need to bring some things such as: soap, shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, picket toothpick….

Camera, camera phone and waterproof: Should bring to be able to take photos, save the fun, memorable moments of your trip to the sea. Of course, to capture super unique moments underwater, you need to bring a phone bag, a dedicated waterproof camera.!

Sunscreen: It is extremely essential to protect the skin from harmful sunlight, especially when going to the beach. To help protect your skin, you should also put sunscreens with a high SPF, about 35 - 50 to help avoid the sun in the most effective way.


Summer beach travel experienceSunscreen is also indispensable


Note, 30 minutes before going out into the sun, apply sunscreen for the best effect. And every 1 - 2 hours in a salty sea environment, you must apply a new layer of cream.

Mineral spray : If you stay in the sun for too long, you lose water and dry your skin, so prepare a small bottle of mineral spray to take with you. 

As a reminder, it is to choose a long-lasting lipstick, because the waves are intense, if you want to have fresh lips to take pictures, do not forget to bring a matte lipstick, which will stick for a long time and do not drift when the waves. Come on.


Summer beach travel experienceComfortable beach outfit


The necessary medical items

Digestive medicine, headache medicine, antipyretic medicine, food poisoning treatment, motion sickness medicine, allergy medicine, itchy rash are the basic medicines to bring with you on every trip.

In addition, you also need to bring some other medical items such as cotton balls, gauze bandages and disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide… in case you need it.


Summer beach travel experience with special note

When going into the sea you should not go alone but always have at least 1-2 more people, it is better to follow the top 4-5 people. However, you should not go too crowded to avoid being "forgotten" if you encounter the unexpected.

You should take special care, do not take a shower if the temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius and when you get into the water should slowly - do not rush down immediately to avoid colds when the body temperature changes suddenly.


Summer beach travel experience

Limit signs must be observed while swimming. Do not swim too far from shore 15m or in areas that are more than 5m deep. Almost all beaches have these signs, so you absolutely should not ignore them to keep a safe distance.

Also, do not stay in the sun for too long before going into the water as it may have health problems. Before going to the beach, you should not let your stomach get too hungry or too full will affect your stomach. During the shower, if you experience symptoms such as itching, coldness, fatigue, chest tightness, cramps, dizziness, you should immediately go ashore.


Summer beach travel experienceLet's go to the beach


When swimming, you should not bring jewelry such as rings, watches, rings ... because it will be easy to lose or lose.

After you have finished referring to the article on marine travel experiences and special things to note when traveling to the sea, you can refer to some of the most beautiful marine destinations in the country, as well as save tips for the trip. 

With the above summer cruises experiences , hopefully you will have extremely meaningful and safe vitaminsea trips!

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