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Drive on all roads with a safe downhill experience

 Passionate about the mountain roads, steep curves, then save this safe pass experience right away. For a discovery experience and safe for yourself and others!

The pass and steep roads always have a strong attraction to the people in particular, and those with hands in general. That is an opportunity for them to try new feelings, experience the wonderful things on the road. However, firmly grasp these safe downhill experiences , for a complete trip!


safe pass experienceThe passes always have a formidable attraction


The downhill downhill is not simply a driving technique, or flexible manipulation, at that time, the driver must also anticipate the terrain and geography. So, how is it safe to drive downhill when driving downhill ? You need a variety of techniques, which can sometimes be overlooked or made wrong, causing the vehicle to fail, or in unexpected situations that cause unnecessary problems.


So what is the basic mistake often made when passing passes?

- When you fall the pass, go downhill fast and drive according to inertia. The heavier the car, the greater the weight, the faster the speed, the greater the inertia. And of course, when the car goes downhill, the inertia becomes even greater.

- When going downhill too fast, we often use instinct to brake, braking fast, hard and much leads to hot brake pads, burning cheeks and loss of effectiveness.

- The brake pads are worn out, old, poorly made or stuck with faulty brake pads. When the brake is folded, it will easily peel off the cheek, causing danger to the operator.

Therefore, when going downhill, it is necessary to minimize the use of brakes or only use in emergency. If we do not lose control of the brakes, we should use the engine brake gearbox.


safe pass experienceHowever, many people make mistakes after a pass

What is a safe downhill experience?

First, be the one who obey the traffic safety law on the road, because the steep pass roads are often quite dangerous, so there are warning signs everywhere, Watch the sign system and obey with them, carefully examined and assessed. And especially the extremely safe downhill experience is that the driver must maintain the mentality and spirit!

- To downhill and downhill safely , the driver needs to know the actual slope of the slope, geographical conditions, weather, terrain, and traffic flow and choose the appropriate number.

- The safe speed of the car when going downhill is the speed that the driver can master when going downhill without having to use the brakes, then we will go down the base by gas mainly. There is no specific number to say about a safe downhill speed, only you yourself are confident with how fast to ensure timely handling of situations that unfold.


safe pass experienceHard feet rock soft, master the speed


- Going downhill by gas is when going downhill, we will use the gas and let the car follow inertia.

- On automatic transmission vehicles, in addition to D, there are positions numbered 3-2-1 or L, S, M used to brake the engine when driving downhill.

- Whether it is a manual or automatic transmission, use the engine brake when going downhill. Many people who follow the inertia, downhill or downhill will step on the brake or brake to slow down, according to the experience of driving downhill from experts, this is a dangerous job, because when braking continuously, the High friction brakes can have serious consequences if the brakes are too hot and lead to a burst of the cheeks.

- When going downhill, but the vehicle goes unexpectedly fast, immediately brake and shift the gear lever to lower gear. For safe driving in a car , if you choose too low gear, when going downhill, it will be blocked, the revs are high, going like that is very harmful to the car and the driver will have difficulty controlling, then you should choose higher number level. If you choose too high a gear, the car will follow too large inertia, at that time will brake a lot, causing cheek wear and brake damage quickly, so quickly the brake pad and switch down to lower gears.


safe pass experienceCheck the brake and shift the gear lever for the car


- According to experience, when you put the gear in the right position for each slope, you can safely bring the car down the slope while you can still control the speed and stop when needed, even stop the car. in case of emergency.

- Letting the car exceed the speed when going downhill and then braking continuously is the wrong technique, leading to a dangerous situation. If the engine brake is in the position of too great a gear, let the car run too fast before reducing the gearbox, it is also wrong technique, because when the car is going fast but the gearshift, the car will stop, even damage the transmission.

- Before cornering, you should slow down, start cornering, then drive the car along the curve of the pass, stick to the right side of the road, because if you run too fast, it will lead to great centrifugal force causing the vehicle to overturn or otherwise handle it in time, the car can plunge into a very dangerous cliff!


safe pass experienceEnsure safety for yourself and others


- With folding bends, folding sleeves and a large slope, in addition to reducing the throttle before cornering, the driver needs to change down to a low gear to brake the engine and when cornering, the accelerator should also relax. Do not step on the accelerator, then steer the car to run according to inertia, if necessary, you can brake lightly to slow down, to finish the cornering slope, gently cushion the accelerator and return the steering wheel.

- To ensure safety when traveling on a steep hill, you should not change the speed suddenly too much, do not brake quickly, but in an emergency you can still brake to stop the vehicle.

- When going downhill, when facing a slippery road, the road surface is muddy, the driver must be more cautious, no matter how modern your car is. When you encounter this situation, try to drive at a stable speed, do not steer quickly, do not brake quickly, drive at the lowest speed possible, if the road is puddled with water, the more careful you need to be. than.

Whether you are a professional traveler or a driver with many years of experience, compliance with downhill techniques is still essential. To keep the whole trip, for yourself and your vehicle, please save the safe pass experience above!

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