Saturday, March 20, 2021

There is a beautiful lotus season in Ninh Binh in June

 Ninh Binh tourism has not had a wonderful time like June, in the sunny early summer days, wherever you go, you will find beautiful lotus swamps; Lotus is available everywhere, from rice swamps, lakes, or at the foot of the dyke.

Lotus season in Ninh BinhSummer comes, from late May to mid-June, July, when the heat becomes sultry, it can make visitors to Ninh Binh feel frustrated and tired, the lotus flowers in the lagoons begin to bloom again , blooming and radiating scent in the wind softens people's hearts.


Ninh Binh lotus seasonEverywhere, the green of the leaves, the pure pink or the pure white color of the lotus flowers stretching over a large area as beautiful as a water-color painting highlight the peaceful natural scenery inherent in the ancient capital, making anyone passing by must also admire and enjoy.


Ninh Binh lotus seasonIn the midst of a mountain landscape, interspersed with a stretch of rice fields, are fields of lotus flowers, suddenly many places in Ninh Binh are beautiful, serene, simple, but nowhere to be. Photo: @khin


Ninh Binh lotus seasonThe beautiful lotus lagoons in Ninh Binh are not natural; They are planted and hatched by local people in rice swamps, lakes, at the foot of the dyke….


Ninh Binh lotus seasonThese June, the province's famous tourist destinations become even more special when the lotus swamps are in full bloom, people go to places like Bich Dong Pagoda, Van Wetland Nature Reserve. Long, Tam Coc.


Ninh Binh lotus seasonBefore, if you were too familiar with the image of the golden rice fields in Tam Coc, you will be attracted by the serene scenery of the lotus season.


Ninh Binh lotus seasonVisitors to Tam Coc - Bich Dong are not only silently looking up at the high rocky mountains, giant cliffs leaning against each other, but also fascinated by the scent of the lotus fields along the two sides of the river. Ngo Dong or the lagoons and lakes here.
Ninh Binh lotus seasonCool colors in the hot summer weather will definitely be the best back-ground for indescribably beautiful memories.


Ninh Binh lotus seasonEven Ninh Binh lotus is also found in the homestay itself, typically Chezbeo - not only a relaxing place to relax but also a corner for you to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature, relax your soul on a full summer day. Sunshine in a faintly fragrant lotus scent.


Ninh Binh lotus seasonActivities to watch the lotus boat are also chosen by many people when coming to Ninh Binh this season. Photo: hgiangg___


Ninh Binh lotus seasonEnjoying a bowl of delicious and nutritious lotus porridge is also a good suggestion when traveling to Ninh Binh during the blooming lotus season.


Ninh Binh lotus seasonIn the midst of the immense green color of the mountain, the trees and the trees, the immense lotus pond, pink and white lotus buds are floating in the wind, mixed in the wind, the cool scent of this flower increases the beauty, the romance for heaven and earth Ninh Binh tomorrow morning in the summer.

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