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May the purple hyacinth flower season blooms in all the countryside

 Every summer in May, the hyacinth flower season blooms in all the countryside, spread across the lagoons and lakes, harmonizing with human life, creating a vivid picture.

The days of May come, every countryside is filled with purple hyacinth flowers - this is a flower representing the beauty of the countryside and the purity, simplicity, fragility like the beauty of a very girl tenderness and background. Purple hyacinth flower patches across the lagoons, canals along the road, running across the fields and quiet house.


Purple hyacinth flower season in MayPurple hyacinth flower season in May


May the hyacinth flower season is purple all over the countryside

The early summer sun is always bright and seems to burn everything, everyone is looking forward to finding a cool place to cover the hot sun, yet the hyacinths only wait for the intense sunlight to bloom, Exhibits a distinct beauty for a cloudy landscape. And then, the purple hyacinth flower will rise, the accent color between the dark green hyacinth leaf background.


Purple hyacinth flower season in MayDark purple in all countryside


Hyacinth or water hyacinth, also known as water hyacinth, Japanese water hyacinth. The tree species grows about 30 cm tall with round, green, smooth and smooth leaves. This aquatic plant reproduces very quickly, so it is easy to block ponds, lakes, canals. Unlike other flowers, the water hyacinth blooms often at the same time, the whole pond surface is filled with a deep purple color with sunshine and wind, quiet in the countryside.


Purple hyacinth flower season in MayThe proud purple color of the hyacinth flower

Around late May and early June, these flowers will bloom on the same calyx. The tallest petal will rise, resembling a peacock's tail, different from the flowers below. This flower is named hyacinth because there will be 6 flower branches blooming on each flower forming a cluster. Water hyacinth drifted with each water, "accidentally" gathered in a corner of the pond, the lake was blooming. 


Purple hyacinth flower season in MayCalled hyacinth because each flower cluster will have 6 flowers


In the summer, hyacinth blooms pale purple flowers, bringing natural beauty and fresh wildness to the countryside. Hyacinth petals only bloom for one day. After the flower dies, another calyx grows again and blooms its graceful beauty.

Every season the purple hyacinth blooms in May , people remember the verse:

"Hyacinth who float the river
But why all these rivers purple home
away from home far from the slopes of dykes
which has longed to hear about the vast bay".


Purple hyacinth flower season in MayHyacinth season in the countryside of Phu Yen


Indeed, 'Water hyacinth floating in the river', although it is beautiful, even stands out on the green of the leaves, but it is only beautiful under the pond or lake surface, because no one cherishes the water hyacinth in flower baskets because it is thin. It is easy to be crushed when it is touched by the hand, the flower's lifespan is also quite short, from when it blooms until the flower dies in just 2 days.


Purple hyacinth flower seasonSunset afternoon on the purple hyacinth flower carpet


That is why, referring to the hyacinth, people remember the fragility more and more, but it brings deep fidelity to the countryside, sowing compassion, and nostalgia for those who watch the flowers. Nowadays, when the fields are shrinking, new urban areas and industrial zones are born, the countryside seems not intact. Many generations ago, seeing the purple hyacinth flower season in May , all sobbed their nostalgia, as if they were able to return to that old time, preserving a childhood sky, with mother and children walking along. The road dike, the bottom is full of water hyacinths, and then idle the song: 'I follow my mother to the field ...'


Purple hyacinth flower season in MayHyacinth flowers only bloom and keep for 2 days


Not only that, the hyacinth also has many uses, people also spread the word about the hyacinth to alleviate poverty in many rural areas. Hyacinth is considered as a valuable and valuable raw material for the production of handicrafts and agriculture. Water hyacinth stems are watery, dried to be flexible, adaptable in the room, hot, not brittle, cold and non-rigid, often wrapped around wooden and iron frames, tables and cabinets for interior decoration.

The roots and wood of the hyacinth are used to compost organic fertilizers, bringing economic benefits to the villagers, and folk also use hyacinth flowers to treat inflammatory diseases, muscle aches, etc. .

In May, when the hyacinth flower comes back, people go to rural areas, especially in the central region such as Quang Nam, Phu Yen, ... where there are many rivers and lakes to see and record the scenery. rare, only a few days a year of this purple flower season.

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