Sunday, March 7, 2021

Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?

 It is no coincidence that there are people traveling in low season, it saves money, ensures private space ... but there are also limitations that visitors need to consider carefully before going up. Street.

Low season tourism: What are OK

1. Save quite a lot of costs

One of the great advantages of low-season tourism is it saves money. You will save a lot of money for air tickets, hotel rooms, food and drinks ... in this trip. And if you book a tour, the cost is also much cheaper, even a little bargain. Unexpectedly, this journey can save tourists completely 2/3 of the amount they originally calculated.


Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?Cost savings are a big plus when traveling in low season


2. Earn a comfortable space to "chill"

Sparse hotels, tourists can easily book, enjoy looking for views to tourist destinations that are not crowded and pushed. At this time, the atmosphere is also strangely airy and peaceful. Your job is just comfortable "chill".


Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?You are free to enjoy your own time


3. BE served with conscientiousness

If you choose to travel in the high season, sometimes you are not served as professionally and as whole as you would when appearing at the same place on no days. The first thing is to avoid waiting times, then do not have to endure the attitude of service through the loudspeaker. And this is not pleasant for a difficult guest at all. So if you want to become a "god" when using the service, you should only go to resorts, hotels, restaurants in the low season only.


Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?Best service attitude


Low season tourism: LOST

1. TAKE a sunny day

Who of us traveling does not want to be immersed in wonderful weather, warm sunshine, cool breeze or under the white snow imaginable? Only in low season tourism the risk of facing bad weather is very high. For example, a thunderstorm will affect your trip a lot. The only way to fix it is to equip fully equipped to deal with bad weather in the place you are about to go.


Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?

2. LOSE a chance to see the beautiful nature

If your trip with loved ones is purely for vacation, this LOSS will be improved a little. Otherwise, it means that you will miss the opportunity to hunt beautiful photos, admire the charming seasonal natural scenery. Going to Moc Chau but not seeing plum blossoms, going to Da Lat but not in the correct season of wildflowers, going to the Northwest, but not in the golden season on terraced fields ... I feel sad when I think about it!


Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?Do not wait for the dead triangle to travel to Ha Giang!


3. LOSE an opportunity to play fully

Surely you also realize that you cannot comfortably swim in the winter, and also do not enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, bustle and learn about the culture of the region through traditional festivals. Don't travel in peak season , you may even have to go through dull days.


Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?And you also do not want to miss the opportunity to have fun during the festive season, right?


4. TAKE always the opportunity to enjoy local specialties

Not all but there are local produce that must be enjoyed in the right season. For example, Ninh Binh rock snail season, buying Da Nang snails, the Western season of flexible fish and flowers ... Surely just going in the wrong season will not enjoy or not eat the best dishes. .


Low season tourism: What to gain and lose?To enjoy the delicious fruit, you also need to go there in season


The above is a summary of the GOOD and LOSS when traveling in low season . Depending on your preferences, time budget, and expenses, you can consider a suitable departure time to have a fun and complete trip.

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