Saturday, March 20, 2021

Looking for a pink tea shop, Ngoc Trinh just checked-in and received a storm of likes from people!

 People are in turmoil, looking for the address of the pink tea shop in Saigon that was checked-in by Ngoc Trinh a few hours ago.

Perhaps, everyone knows supermodel Ngoc Trinh - Waist 56 with ivory skin, always wearing flaps or a tight body, ... But I can't help but remember her attached to nickname pinky, love pink to fever. Wardrobe, shoe boxes, colorful pink bags are everywhere on her instagram.


quan-tra-mau-hong-o-sai-gonThe black tea shop Ngoc Trinh has just checked-in and has received a storm of likes

But recently, Ngoc Trinh made people stir up, because just check-in at a pink tea shop in Saigon, sweet space, and to demonstrate the beauty of this cafe, pictures The image of Ngoc Trinh just posted has received a storm like nearly 100,000 hearts!

Dare to bet that the 500 brothers of the banh beo association will love this tea shop, the princess style, the sweet and sweet style to see, I want to faint in front of this space!


the-inspiring-hong-o-sai-gon-5Love tea shop, a pink color

Check-in at this pink Saigon teahouse , Ngoc Trinh wears a cartoon hacked suit on her shirt and comfortable t-shirt. But wait, let's talk about her, what people are most interested in is finding the address of the very loving backgroud in the picture!

It is true that the power of the online community, people immediately found this cafe, where Ngoc Trinh check-in was a tea shop that just opened not long ago in Saigon called Beau Tea, located at 1208 Truong Sa, Ward 14, Phu Nhuan District.


quan-tra-mau-hong-o-sai-gon-1It turned out that the Beau Tea teahouse had just opened in Saigon

Stepping into the restaurant, you will be amazed with the space filled with pink colors from tables and chairs to the color of the wall. Surely the "banh beo" association, which loves the sweet princess style, will "faint" when seeing this space to see.

Beau Tea consists of 2 floors with 2 completely different decor. Below is a coffee space with main white tones in Japanese style, above is a space in pink tone with a buffet of cakes and light afternoon tea. 


quan-mau-hong-o-sai-gon-4Pinky space loves so much

For the girls of the genuine "banh beo" association, this tea shop is definitely a place not to be missed. The little tip for you is to remember the girly clothes and a bit of momentum, but remember not to choose pink from head to toe, so it is easy to be "swallowed" in the background behind. Instead, she should wear a white tree to blend in with this space, giving birth to poses that are so faint!


quan-tra-hong-lim-6Hold a few props and have a pretty photo yet!

Each table, chair cushion, painted wall color, kitchen utensils, wall lamp to stone on the table are used by the delicate teahouse owner, pasted gently, sweetly and without hot eyes or abruptly. Here, how strong you are, you want to be as flattering, feminine, gentle as possible to suit the scene!

quan-mau-hong-o-sai-gon-3Where are the girls banh beo, definitely love it to see

During the virtual live pose, in order to avoid excess limbs and natural expression, do not forget to take advantage of the available props in the shop such as cakes, ice cream models or small decorations. Another beauty. They will make your photos much more special and linked.


quan-tra-mau-hong-o-sai-gon-2Genuine duck cake girls love this place very much

Now, you have to list this pink tea shop in Saigon on the list, especially the girls who love pinky things, this is definitely a must-visit destination. Not only for taking beautiful pictures, but also to enjoy the delicious tea cups, pastries to preserve the flavor and to relax in the space that you love.


the-color-hong-o-sai-gon-6Book a quick table for this pink space only

Let's see some more pictures of young people check-in at this lovely tea shop. And do not forget, if you have the opportunity to visit Saigon, you must visit this pink tea shop to indulge in its sweet space right away! 

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