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Looking back at the recently closed cloud hunting spot Da Lat: Yumonang hill in Da Sar

 Yumonang hill in Da Sar, where check-in sea of ​​clouds floats like a fairy tale place in Da Lat has been officially closed to preserve the beauty of nature.

When famous cloud hunting spots such as Cau Dat , Hon Bo, or Da Phu are 'overloaded' because the turn of people is not there. Then people were looking for a hot place that was equally hot to hunt clouds and clouds in Da Lat , which was Yumonang hill in Da Sar. This is definitely a very interesting place to hunt for clouds, because the high Yumonang hill, the sea of ​​clouds surrounds the foothill at dawn.


Yumonang Hill In Da Sar Yumonang Hill in Da Sar - A brand-new cloud hunting spot in Da Lat


Locate Yumonang hill in Da Sar

Specifically, the Yumonang coordinate is located in Da Sar commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province, just 30 minutes by motorbike from the center of Da Lat city. Therefore, after finding out, this brand-new cloud hunting location in Da Lat made people feverish and became a brand new check-in point. Yumonang attracts tourists by the dreamy sea of ​​clouds in the early morning and is no less next to the old cloud hunting places.


Yumonang Hill In Da Sar Going to Da Lat without experiencing cloud hunting is not going to Da Lat yet!


Depart from Da Lat city center at 4:30 am, warmly equipped with warm clothes because early morning temperature in Dalat is quite cold. Go straight to the Da Sar branch, if you take your car, park your car at the guild then walk 1km more to the high hills and hunt clouds, if you ride a motorbike, continue driving and then turn left, go through Tea hill is coming. Yumongnang hill in Da Sar is higher than most other cloud spots in Lam Dong, so the cloud hunting landscape is also wider and more majestic, with a very high rate of sea clouds up to 95% and clouds surround people 360 ​​degrees.


Yumonang Hill In Da Sar Da Sar is higher than other hills so it is easy to hunt for clouds


Feeling when waking up between the sea of ​​clouds and fresh nature, visitors feel like they are lost in the fairyland. Yumonang hill in Da Sar is still quite fresh and flat terrain, many young people come here from the previous afternoon to watch the sunset, then camp overnight and wait for the morning to hunt clouds. Sipping a cup of coffee early in the morning, then waiting for the clouds to come up, is so much more poetic.


Yumonang Hill In Da Sar The sea of ​​clouds floats below


Coming to the top of the hill, at the same time the sun rises, it is an unforgettable scene in your life. The red sun slowly emerged from the distance, creeping through the rays, each ray of warmth through the hazy clouds, quietly dispelling the cold that surrounded. At that moment, the whole space seems to sparkle, surrounding you is a little floating of clouds and the magical aura of the sun. The fairy scene is just as beautiful as it is.


Yumonang Hill In Da Sar Early morning sip coffee and wait for dawn


Not only that, many photographers also choose Yumonang to blink Dalat's moments in a beautiful sea of ​​clouds, thick clouds like a waterfall, white, then slowly new rays of sunshine rise on the new day, covering the face. clouds, turning yellow, gradually dissolving clouds, revealing the hills, green and green trees below. 

From the ideal height than many other locations to the photoshoot, the broader viewing angle and the majesty of the more impressive than many other destinations. Therefore, your rattan hunting in Da Sar is often easier to succeed and also experience more interesting things.

Update: The cloud hunting spot at Yumonang hill in Da Sar has been closed!

Shocked by the scorched earth, garbage thrown indiscriminately, Yumonang hill owner posted a forum, sharing his feelings about the image of the hill that was violated to the full extent, with garbage, hole holes, the trees were trampled. The hill owner gave the barrier and decided to close the Yumonang hill - a very hot cloud hunting spot during this time!


Yumonang Hill In Da Sar Check-in stunning views from Yumonang


yumonang-yumonang-o-da-sar-da-latPlease protect the wild beauty of nature


As a true tourism lover, contribute to the development of clean - green tourism 'take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints'. Especially when they bring the wild beauty of nature, the more people need to protect, raise awareness and responsibility!

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