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If you want make-up going to the beach for a long time, you must follow these steps!

 You are about to have a trip to a sunny and windy place. But how do you wonder how to make the make-up go to the beach for a long time, always radiant from morning to afternoon and stand out in the frames?

This article is definitely for you, for a long lasting make-up class to go to the beach , it is difficult to drift away and jump, you must follow the steps below!

Preparing for a trip to the ocean is a very strenuous step, from the outfits of maxi outfits, attractive sexy bikinis, to bring all the accessories for a few days of walking, and how anxious. For swimming, scuba diving but the makup does not drift here? Waterproof makeup solution in the sea tourism era was born, for women who need a 'long lasting' make-up class with the sea. 


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeHow to make up go to the beach for a long time, extremely durable


When the weather is hot, the skin of your face becomes oily and sweaty, when you get into the water, your makeup is subjected to many impacts that make it 'colorless' or sticky or even patchy. Then, choose the lightest, most natural make-up possible, and the radiant accents on the lips or eyes are the smart choice.


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeGo to the beach with confidence with radiant makeup


Prepare 'durable' beach make-up equipment

Please prepare the full equipment, and all you need to have to make-up for sea travel is:

Sunscreen : First indispensable in every trip, choose a sunscreen with a high SPF 50 ++ levels, and if you can choose the type of sunscreen used in the water. Refer to the company's sunscreen / spray lines: Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70, Anessa Perfect UV Spray Sunscreen Aqua Booster, Avène Eau Thermale Spray Water Resistant SPF50 +, ...


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeWater-resistant sunscreen as possible


Foundation : Traveling to the sea , if you have a bath, or cool sweat, these are the factors that cause the removal of your makeup. Therefore, please pay attention to choose a really natural color background, file into the skin so that if there are spills, it will not cause holes. And especially during the make-up, it is impossible to ignore the full moisturizing step so that the skin is not dehydrated, and a liner contains sunscreen ingredients to make the skin more stretch and smooth.

concealer , if possible, select a concealer stick forms, because they will have coverage of high reliability, suitable sepia spots on your skin. In addition, the stick shape is also quite handy if you want to add extra miles after the activity, helping the make up stay fresh even if you are active or swimming.


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeIt is indispensable for a substrate and a coating with high humidity


Eyeshadow cream , eyes are easy to smudge when you swim or sweat too much. Therefore, for a natural and long-lasting look, make-up your eye-catching cream in the form of a cream so that you have the most natural look and hardly blurred when in the sun. You should use a gentle eye color palette then spread evenly, thoroughly for a longer-than-normal adhesion.


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeDon't forget to unify a make-up color tone


- A powder coat is essential for you to have beach makeup that is not greasy, but you only need a thin coat just enough for your face to be natural and not sticky.

Of course, the lipstick will last for a long time and is not afraid of water, then you will use a matte cream when going to the beach. In addition, you should have a lip gloss outside, although it will feel heavy, it helps your lips to be full and full of vitality.


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeChoose super durable lipstick


Mascara : When going to the beach, let your eyes be as natural as possible. But if you want to look sharp and give your eyes depth, use mascara for more glamorous eyes, be sure to use waterproof mascara!


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeA coat of mascara adds depth to the eyes


Mineral spray , this is an equally important beach make-up  tool, also a step to lock makeup for as long as possible. You can also use the mineral spray before, during and after makeup to keep the make-up on travel longer, the mineral spray also hydrates, compensating for moisture whenever your skin is having problems.


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeFear of crib water, super durable make up


7 steps to make up for the holy sea that lasts a long time

And of course, after having enough make up kit for going to the beach for a long time, you need to get started right away, skincare and apply step by step to get moisturizing, sun protection, wonderful background lock. , regardless of sea water, sunshine and wind, especially these tips also keep your makeup on the divine!


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeLet's have a long and super divine make up


Step 1: Skincare is clean, then apply a day cream, wait a moment, then apply sunscreen to your face, then pat it so that the cream penetrates faster and more effectively. Remember to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you go out in the sun!

Step 2: A primer with good moisture, alkali and oil spreads a thin layer evenly onto the face, then spread the foundation evenly on the face, note to choose a natural and skin color foundation!

Step 3: Use a stick concealer to spot acne or cover dark circles

Step 4: Use powder, cover all over face, remember to cover evenly but not too thick

Step 5: Apply eye cream, sour tone color with clothes and accessories, then apply mascara to curl and thicker lashes.

Step 6: Apply lip balm first to soften the lips, then apply matte lipstick with makeup color tone, then apply lip gloss to create luscious lips for long-lasting lips.

Step 7: Mineral spray, make-up lock, keep make-up layer for long-lasting travel , more durable against the sun and sea breeze.


How to make up go to the beach for a long timeNow, take a self-confident pose!


Now that you have a firm grasp of the steps to have a make-up in the beach for a long time, right? In order for the beach trip to always be radiant, with long lasting makeup, and confidently take pictures, you must definitely adhere to the above!

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