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Do you know how to travel the right way will be smarter and wiser?

 This essay is part of the "Intellectual Project" by David Allan (CNN). Through this, you will understand why traveling a lot makes you smarter and wiser and how you should apply it in your life.

From ancient times man has generated a movement - from savannas to mountains to islands, between hot and cold, from coast and desert, tundra and back. We hunt, cultivate and build larger and larger communities, but then we leave those places as well. Humans were nomads during the Stone Age, and that represents 99% of our existence as a species.

Travel has clearly played a shaping role in our evolution. Human nomads also play a big part in brain development. When exposed to experiences, brain flexibility is enhanced in such a way that it would not happen if gesturing in a restricted environment and maintaining the same behavior day by day. In contrast, while humans have a tendency to migrate to new lands in the evolutionary process, the ape relatives only surround a certain area. Even chimpanzees - more mobile than apes - can only roam about 60 square miles.


Travel to get smarter, don't skip these little tipsTravel helps people smarter and wiser


"Every time the human nomad is constantly confronted with a new environment," expert Alison Gopnik wrote in his book "The gardener and the carpenter", explaining the connection between travel and the human brain.

Travel is change, and that change makes you smarter because you have to adapt - whether it's a new idea, a new situation or a new challenge. And when you successfully apply knowledge to the way you live, that is the basic definition of wisdom. Want to maximize your travel wisdom? Here are some experiences to apply for yourself the next time you start a trip.


Don't go back to where you went

Of course there will be destinations that you love a lot, but what about new places? You don't know you'll like it until you get there. Hadn't even those old places you liked been new to you?

Familiarity is comfortable and fun (which will decrease this stat over time) but exploring new places brings new experiences, learning, and joy. Don't hesitate to write down where you've always wanted to be and take that as the motivation, compare them with old places for more inspiration. New ones will come with increased wisdom benefits.


Go away if you can

According to researchers at Cornell University, "the farther you go, the happier you will be". They compare people who write at home with people who share their feelings while traveling. From there, they realize that tourists are mentally happy, have more relationships and are more open.

That means, you get out of your habits, the daily stressors, boredom. That is true of most regular vacation trips, but adds novelty when going away. Mongolia ! Iceland! India! China! Australia! Thailand! Nepal! - widening the cultural gap where all great discoveries are found.

Travel to get smarter, don't skip these little tipsThe further you go, the happier you are


Take as long as you can

Money is always a factor, as is the number of days off you take. But if you can manage to fix the problem, stay as far away as possible for as long as possible. For example a period of 1 month, you gradually transform like a local, begin to discover the things you love and connect, make new friends. Of course, these are only available when you open your heart and you need time to do it.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that international students' ability to find and enjoy new experiences is better, starting with the taste of new foods, taking risks.


Travel to get smarter, don't skip these little tipsIn a long time, you will gradually integrate with the local people


More drama 

Actor Rob Lowe once told in his second memoir - Love Life, about the interesting journey of commanding a plane at sea to sneak a look at a movie to a professional basketball game. "To have a great life, you need to have great memories. Seize exciting opportunities, offers, say 'yes' to challenges and unknowns. Always create experiences new in everyday life as often as a routine or a daily job. " - he wrote.

Drama is not necessarily dangerous, you are the director and the main actor for your own movie, please make the script interesting. So you can proudly replay it to yourself and your friends around. "After the adventure makes stories that you can keep forever, and anyone can do that"


Create a specific challenge

A significant part of trips nowadays combine tourism with a number of goals and missions - from integrating with the local language, participating in volunteering. Don't forget to create your own quests. If you're a runner, plan an interesting route. If it involves food? Search for local food, ask people when you get there, no one will give you better advice than locals.

I love looking for coffee shops and bookstores in new places. I also like to walk and run in cities that I don't know very well because I always explore great things, usually cafes or bookstores.


Travel to get smarter, don't skip these little tipsDon't forget to create a good schedule for yourself


Don't reveal too many details to others

You have planned to share the train, car travel to help people save money, but if you reveal too much about what to eat, where, what to do, even the significance of the attractions, you will erase the value of discovery.

Your trip will leave more impression if you learn everything on your own. Read about the local history, the destinations, find the specialties you want to try, find the way to navigate between the spots, ... from a few books. Surely the experience will be extremely engaging, you just need to enjoy the interesting meeting with the locals and companions.



Driving in a new place is a great experience that you should not miss. From choosing a route, where to stay and eating ... to suit your schedule, finding fun on the way, all will become a memorable journey. Expert Alison Gopnik shared: "I drove around the United States four times, and traveled all over Europe once, during which time I visited the museum" devil wire ", met a giant tornado, skiing in the midsummer and taking a selfie with Bill Clinton cardboard in the Grand Canyon, talking for days with a fish and getting engaged to my wife.

The risk of getting lost is getting lost, but thanks to that you can accidentally visit unplanned places, you come up with great ideas when talking to friends, yourself or even with; Meet some strangers and end up in some rudimentary town or bar. All of which make the trip much more enjoyable.


Travel to get smarter, don't skip these little tipsSelf-driving makes you more fun on the road. Photo: AnLe @ Travelpx


But sometimes I have to get out of the car

The long train or car trip will be convenient and comfortable, but you will miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. You need to meet and explore new places too. One study found that creativity and problem solving increased by 50% after subjects spent 4 days immersed in nature (without smartphone assistance). Again, unfamiliarity stimulates neural connections and ignites a flame of wisdom, which is easily done.

Find a national park yourself. Visit a few hiking spots or swim before you leave, and find a cheap tent where you can sleep outdoors whichever spot you like.


Travel to get smarter, don't skip these little tipsWalk more during your trip


Get out of your comfort zone

You tried going to a place where you don't know the local language and tried to learn them. Instantly search for local dishes and cultural experiences that you cannot easily find at home. Learn about local public transport, no daily planning required. Give yourself an interesting goal when you arrive, but still spend time wandering around without planning.

Mark Twain wrote that "tourism is fatal to prejudice, stubbornness and narrow questions" in his travel book "Innocents Abroad". And the positive effects of tourism, he added, "cannot be achieved by living like plants in a small corner of the earth throughout life."

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