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Check out all the filming locations Go home, people are fascinated

 The story revolves around the life of Mr. Son's father and son making storms throughout social networks, many audiences also enjoy the filming locations Go home, when they realize familiar scenes. 

Go home, baby is the hottest drama at the moment, the attention of the audience for the movie is extremely great, on social networking sites there are many comments about content, characters as well as acting. Variation of the movie. The success of the film not only comes from the excellent cast, but also from the scenes and everyday camera angles. The filming location Go home, children are also very interested audience. In addition to the scenes in Hanoi city , there are many distant scenes or tourist areas that are recognized by many audiences. 


home-filming locationThe scene was noticed in Going home with a child in Hanoi


Filming locations Go home, you are interested in the audience


three island


home-filming location
The Vu - Thu couple in the movie at Tam Dao. Photo: Bao Thanh


In the early episodes of the movie, there are scenes where Vu takes Thu's character out. The guy drove the cush to Tam Dao. Fans quickly recognized this place with majestic mountains and green trees. This is a reasonable shooting location when Tam Dao, not too far from Hanoi , has a natural landscape that is very suitable for the scene in the movie. 


home-filming locationA scene in the movie in Tam Dao town. Photo: Excerpt from the movie Go home


Actor Bao Thanh also took advantage of the excellent photos taken in the famous town of Vinh Phuc province . This is the ideal romantic spot for dating for newly-loved couples. 


home-filming locationActor Bao Thanh checked in Tam Dao. Photo: Bao Thanh


Ha Long


home-filming locationVu, Thu and Dung in a scene in Ha Long. Photo: Excerpt from the movie Go home


During the honeymoon of the couple Vu and Thu in the film, the scene of this vacation was filmed in Ha Long with blue sea, white sand and super beautiful sunset scenes that made many audiences excited. 


home-filming locationVery nice footage on a Resort in Ha Long


In Ha Long, four characters Vu, Thu, Linh, Dung have created funny and funny situations to make the film more attractive. However, there are also beautiful and romantic movies at the beach, or the view from the top of the resort overlooking the sea. The scenes in Ha Long have helped the film become more colorful and vivid. This is also one of the filming locations. Go home the farthest away, but the scenes here are very important to the plot of the movie.


home-filming locationThe sunset scene is so beautiful. Photo: Extracting movies to go home


The most beautiful scene in Ha Long is probably the sunset when 4 characters sit and drink wine at the resort overlooking the sea. Actor Bao Thanh as usual also checked in and showed off his body here, which made many fans admire.


home-filming locationFinishing the scene is when Bao Thanh shows off his figure on the sea. Photo: Bao Thanh


home-filming locationThe actress took advantage of the check-in after filming finished. Photo: Bao Thanh


It seems that Quang Ninh beach has another chance to appear in this movie, in episode 67, the character Vu takes his mistress to the beach, in a familiar scene, he remembers his wife - Thu, staying at home. 


home-filming locationVu and "small tam" on the beach


home-filming locationThe scene was beautiful in Ha Long but the fans of Go home were very angry. Photo: from the movie Go home


Bat Trang pottery village


Vu is the son of Mr. Luat, the owner of a company specializing in ceramics, and of course the footage at the workshop will be forced to shoot in the pottery village.


home-filming locationA scene shot in Bat Trang. Excerpt from the movie Go home


In the movie Come home, Bat Trang pottery village was selected by the most suitable scene for these scenes. In the filming segments at Mr. Luat's company, ceramic products are arranged beautifully and meticulously. In addition, a few scenes at the pottery studio also appeared to help the film become "everyday" much more.


Hanoi street


The main scene of the film was filmed in Hanoi , so the roads and every corner of the capital were shown when filming outdoor scenes. However, with the direct recording of the actor's lines, the scenes are usually recorded in secluded places, with little noise and less traffic, but must be clean and hygienic when filming.

In general, the scenes are very real and real, so the filming locations Go home are easily recognized by the audience, but everyone feels familiar and excited without being bored or lack of animation.


West Lake


home-filming locationHo Tay has appeared many times in the movie Go home, baby


In addition to Mr. Son's house, Mr. Luat's house or the bedroom, Luat Giang Company, West Lake is the most screened scene in the film. This is an easy to understand choice because West Lake is very wide with many clean, deserted corners, beautiful pictures suitable for many scenes.


home-filming locationHue met her selling flowers at West Lake. Photo: Excerpt from the movie Go home


Not only in the movie, but in real life,  West Lake is also the chosen place for many people to date, chat, drink water, coffee ... without being noisy and attracting too much attention. The scenes of Mr. Son meeting Ms. Hanh selling flowers, the scene of the three sisters Duong, Hue, Thu talking or even meeting times are also at different corners of West Lake.


home-filming locationThe teahouse at Cau Giay is being hunted after the character Duong returned to Hue in the filming here. Photo: from the movie Go home


The drama is still broadcasting and has received a lot of attention from the audience. Go home, you will become a "national" movie when everyone at home is watching and supporting. Go home so hot that places in the movie are also hunted and netizens show simple enjoyment like the game shop where Duong's character often plays or the pub that Duong and Bao talk to, the tea shop that Hue and Duong stopped by to have a chat, and the "association of friends" invited each other to experience. 

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