Sunday, March 7, 2021

Appeared confetti bridge at Ecopark "cut the heart" of sisters and aunts!

 Hanoi is already in the confetti season, has the sister association checked-in the confetti bridge at Ecopark yet?

Hanoi is in the confetti season, but there is no need to go far, because there is a confetti bridge at Ecopark , a lovely area that is spoiled for checking in for the sister association!


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'Veiled confetti at Ecopark


The confetti bridge at Ecopark is brilliantly 'cut the heart'

On these days, the bougainvillea streaks on the Bac Hung Hai bridge suddenly become strangely brilliant under the summer sun. The vibrant flowers under the sunlight are purple in a corner of Ecopark . 


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'Brilliant flowers full of dazzling


The petals are gentle as the name itself, but bring a mesmerizing, deep and peaceful beauty that many people who come here are engrossed in watching.


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'The confetti bridge is the Bac Hung Hai bridge connecting to the green city of Ecopark


Of course, it is also the heart check-in point for the sister association because of its impressive background, against the blue sky, the confetti bridge at Ecopark is brilliantly brilliant. The confetti super product at Bac Hung Hai Bridge is the inspiration for the sister group to dress up, prepare beautiful dresses, go hunting this moment of bliss!


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'Check-in point at the women's union
Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'Get on your clothes and swing now!


Although it has been around since 2014, but until recently, many people know about it and check-in. Because Starbuck Ecopark opened, the bridge on the Hanoi - Hung Yen intercity route, with a length of more than 21.5 km, was noticed by the confetti coming season, the two sides of the bridge were glowing with flowers.


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'The sea of ​​confetti is real


Bougainvillea flowers are a specialty of Hanoi in the early summer, but finding a sunny spot with only this flower color is really hard to find. Therefore, the confetti bridge at Ecopark has become an extremely favorite destination for young people, not only for the residents of the green city of Ecopark, but also by many sister associations in the city.


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'The sisters were crazy about the road full of flowers


There are two ways to get to Bac Hung Hai Bridge to take pictures safely. One is to take a taxi, the other is to park the car at nearby Starbucks Ecopark and then walk up to take pictures. If you leave your car on the roadway, you will be reminded or fined, so the sister association needs to pay attention.


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'The sisters' association noted to keep the car underground will be prompted

With a small reminder, for every set of banh beo, white or bright colors, the design is standard auto, prominent on the purple rose color and the oven immediately comes out with a picture that captures hearts of thousands!


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'No need to go anywhere, the side of Hanoi also has a place like this!


Recently, Ecopark picnic is being chosen by many people for a short vacation near Hanoi. Picnic at Ecopark is a trip that brings many health and spiritual values ​​to visitors, not only relaxing the mind but also being in nature, having fun together will help the members more sticking. 


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'Beautiful flowers are mesmerizing


Ecopark  is favored by nature when surrounded by the Red River and Duong River, creating a beautiful poetic scene. Thanks to that favorable geographical location, it gives the urban area a very fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Don't forget, visiting Ecopark now has this wonderful confetti path!


Confetti Bridge at Ecopark 'cuts the heart'Only 20km from the center, come here to check-in for the flower season only


Let's admire the confetti bridge at Ecopark that  "cuts the hearts" of millions of people on the Bac Hung Hai stream and continues to wait for this summer's "memorable flower seasons" only at Ecopark!

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