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What to wear to take photos of Tet, both pretty and hot trending?

 In the coming Lunar New Year, you are planning a photo set of 'teasing' to welcome spring, but do not know what to wear to take photos of Tet?

Thinking about what to wear to take Tet photos to be both beautiful and trendy, and sparkling when taking pictures? 


What to wear to take photos of Tet?What to wear to take photos of Tet?


What to wear to take photos of Tet to be both beautiful and strange?

1. Ao Dai

Ao dai is generally a traditional Vietnamese costume, so taking photos of the Lunar New Year is a standard without any adjustments. Accordingly, in addition to the traditional ao dai, there are also classic / modern innovative ao dai combining extremely diverse. Whether you are a man or a woman, wearing a Ao Dai combo will score great points for the photo set!


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  0 dressesTraditional ao dai is the dress for Tet. Photo: Kieu Ngan


If you are not confident in wearing a traditional ao dai to show off the curves of your body, then bravely wear a sleek, innovative ao dai that still fills the Tet atmosphere, wandering around the streets, or Hanoi tourist destination for recording. With innovative ao dai you can mix with pleated skirt legs, skirt legs, leggings, depending on the style of the shirt you choose. 


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  Innovative ao daiInnovative ao dai is also extremely reasonable. Photo: Ngoc Thao


The wearing when photographed Festival , in addition to beautiful clothes, you also need to incorporate accessories that fit, style makeup must also sour tone tone to not limp nhé! For example, wearing an old traditional ao dai, indispensable a knot on the head and wooden clogs, or a deep tone makeup style. And of course, to be more dignified, a pair of high heels or high heels is indispensable.


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  - Brocade ao daiWith traditional ao dai designs, men or women wear them all. Photo: Ha Tang

With the innovative ao dai shape, you can freely drop the figure from cute, feminine to daring, funny with just a fan or peach branch, apricot branch, pair of green banh chung. But with delicate traditional ao dai, you will adjust the pose to be the most graceful, light, and elegant.


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  0 dressesWith the concept of 'cool'. Photo: Cafe Cu Xa


However, all the 'outrageous ways' are acceptable within a certain limit, for example, when you take a New Year photo with a group of friends, you can pose for funny, fun, unique photos with ao dai It's okay to save a memorable memory. 


2. Set sweater / skirt leg

Sweaters and skirts are also very suitable for Tet photography , suitable for cold weather and can also create a warm atmosphere for the picture. 


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  - SweaterThis set is for a very cute girl. Photo: Shopee


In particular, with a set of red or white sweaters and optional black skirt legs, she will become much more youthful and fresh. This costume set is also suitable for shooting in many backgrounds, different places for Tet photography from the outside, to the Tet decor cafe, to picnics, ...


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  - dressAre you ready to get dressed? Photo: Shoppe


In addition, you can also combine accessories such as boots or thigh boots to 'cheat' the height for your New Year photo shoot! Of course, even combined with a dynamic white sneakers, it is not necessary.


3. Chinese and Korean traditional costumes

What to wear to take pictures of the New Year discreetly but still beautiful? In recent years, Chinese and Korean traditional costumes have also become familiar with Vietnamese youth, especially these are two lands that share the Lunar New Year with Vietnam and the Tet decoration has similarities when using using red tone as the main color and peach in the first day of the year.


What to wear to take photos of Tet? 1994-cafe-2How about ancient Chinese costumes? Photo: 1994 cafe
What to wear to take photos of Tet?  - cheongsamThe elegant cheongsam is also super pretty. Photo: Nguyen Tien Dung


That is why many cafes decorated Tet in Hanoi have made Korean or Chinese spaces, along with renting cheongsam, hanbok for young people to dress and comfortably pose and take pictures of Tet.


What to wear to take photos of Tet? -sweet-rose-diuu-linn-1Or Korean hanbok? Photo: Diuu Linn


If you are thinking about what to wear to take photos of the New Year but have a new style, different from the usual clothes, but still cute and pretty, traditional Chinese - Korean costumes are an ideal choice. !


4. Note on colors for Tet costumes

After having an idea for the Tet photo set as well as choosing the right outfit concept, the next thing you need to keep in mind is the choice of colors for the outfit. To have a Tet atmosphere, one can immediately guess the color of clothes. And you know which colors are the best for Tet photos?


What to wear to take photos of Tet? -dophuonglinh-1Red is always selected when photographing Tet. Photo: Do ​​Phuong Linh


The first is red, this is a bright color, which means good luck, a smooth start, warmth, happiness, and is also the easiest color to wear regardless of your body shape, skin tone white or dark, tall or thin, ... it can be said that red is a color that is easy to wear and combine.

Next is yellow, this is also the color of the apricot chrysanthemum, symbolizing wealth, longevity, prosperity. That is why the yellow innovative flannel shirt will also help you score in the Tet frame!


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  - yellowYellow represents longevity and good fortune!


The youthful pink color is often chosen by young people when wearing Korean hanbok. This is also the color of cherry blossoms - spring flowers that bring luck and freshness to the first day of the year.

Child flower motifs will really go well if you wear a Saigon-style ao dai , giving the concept of a cool and funny Tet subsidy photo!


What to wear to take photos of Tet?  - Little flowerFun child flower concept. Photo: Em Rooftop Coffee


Wish you have a choice of '10 points' for Tet clothes, or to change the photo album to less boring, you can prepare a few different outfits, many different concepts for everyone to admire! 

If you are not ready to go shopping for dresses to take pictures, it is advisable that you go to photography studios, Tet photography locations, photo rental cafes to choose the best outfit at the price also extremely moderate! Now, have you solved the question of ' what to wear to take pictures of Tet '? 

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