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Unbelievably simple ways to protect the marine environment while traveling

 When sea and island tourism develops, it means that the marine ecosystem is threatened daily due to the impact of a large number of tourists. We are always concerned about going to the beach to have fun, but how to protect the blue - clean - beautiful sea environment, please refer to the following article.

Only by small actions such as not using plastic or drinking plastic bags, or using plastic bags ... you are contributing to keep the ocean clean every time you travel to the sea.

Simple and effective ways to protect the marine environment

1. Reduce plastic bags

As you know, every year trillions of plastic bags are used in the world, they release trillions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. According to statistics, each year they kill more than 100,000 marine animals and more than a million seabirds when released into the ocean. The best thing you can do to protect the marine environment is to bring with you cloth bags or recyclable paper bags.


how to protect the marine environment while travelingHow difficult is plastic bag to decompose?


2. Do not use plastic straws

Plastic waste is the leading cause of destruction to the marine environment, and plastic straws are one of them. Every day, hundreds of millions of used plastic straws are thrown away. It is not necessary to throw them out on the shore, as long as they are thrown to the ground, into the river, they can follow the currents and then pour into the sea. They pose a serious threat to the life of marine life.


how to protect the marine environment while travelingPlastic straws are the cause of the death of many marine species

3. Do not throw away plastic bottles or containers

We often carry bottled water, cans or drink from disposable plastic cups when we travel without knowing that a disposable plastic bottle favors greenhouse gas emissions a hundred times more machine water. They go from manufacturing, packaging, transporting, refrigerating ... to discarding, so what they're impacting is the global climate. Thrown to the ground takes more than 1,000 years to decompose, dumping into the ocean can be broken by waves and mistaken for marine life into food, swallowed and dead. Of course, if you eat these marine animals you are also consuming them in your body. 

Two things to keep in mind when carrying drinking water: use reusable bottles, otherwise throw them in designated places so that they can be recycled.


how to protect the marine environment while travelingThe impact of plastic waste in the ocean is enormous


4. Paper cups also need to reduce the load

If you think paper cups are eco-friendly then you're wrong, because they also have plastic liners, and being recycled isn't quite as effective. To best protect the marine environment , do not bring the drinks in disposable paper cups to the beach, otherwise always bring your favorite ceramic / glass cup when traveling. Not a bad suggestion.


Unbelievably simple ways to protect the marine environment while travelingPaper cups still have plastic linings, so be limited


5. Reduce food waste

It seemed like a waste, but it turns out that throwing away leftovers is also a sign of environmental destruction. The amount of food thrown outside also increases greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Not only because there are many hungry people out there, buy enough food and use it up to contribute to cleaning the environment where we live and will go.


Unbelievably simple ways to protect the marine environment while travelingBuy enough food and don't throw it away


6. Help destroy crown starfish

Vietnam marine tourism may not be, but if you have a chance to travel to the Indo-Pacific region, pay attention to this animal. They live on coral reefs and adversely affect coral species, such as the Great Barrier Reef , where millions of these starfish live. Here the Australian government has launched year-round programs to destroy this species. What do you think if you can just dive and watch the beautiful corals and participate in destroying the starfish crown with thorns to protect the marine environment ?


Unbelievably simple ways to protect the marine environment while travelingThe crown-of-thorns starfish are the species that must be destroyed


7. Protect corals

Clean water has a direct impact on the survival and development of corals, but not just throwing waste into the environment contributes to the protection of this organism. However, there are other ways to protect them, you should note: Do not buy or sell live corals for ornamental purposes; If scuba divers try not to touch the corals, avoid even stepping on them while diving to ensure their safety. 

Another small note is that you are just an "uninvited guest" in the sea, please pay attention to our actions to avoid causing stress to marine species: Do not touch, chase or come too close to frighten them. Combined with the above, you have a fun but also extremely useful sea tour. Please share this information with those around us so that together we can protect the marine environment !

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