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Traveling, how to eat freely without fear of gaining weight?

 With this weight-loss travel diet, you can relax while enjoying the delicious local cuisine!

You are going to need to eat tight and strict with yourself to maintain your weight loss regimen. However, how can we live without traveling? And how to travel without enjoying local cuisine? Check out these tips to help you maintain this weight-loss diet while traveling ! It will definitely be helpful, for a future where you can go and eat without worrying about 'clearing' consequences.


Weight loss diet while travelingTraveling still needs to be beautiful!


Determine how many calories you need a day

If you are in the process of losing weight, you already know the formula for calculating calories in and calories out? Meal planning is an important part of each person's weight gain or loss.

According to nutrition experts, for those who are functioning at a normal level, it is advisable to maintain a 1,500-calorie diet if you want to lose weight safely. Try once seriously to learn about the origin of calories in food, measure the BMI, to balance, to maintain a consistent daily caloric level.


Weight loss diet while traveling - calorie calculatorCalculate calories in / out


Taking the standards that experts recommend, measure 1500 calories corresponding to how many grams of meat, fish, starch, fruit ... now you have the original calorie recipe in your hand, then the diet is reduced. What is the balance when traveling? Just eat the right amount of calories you need to eat. Or, if possible, reduce them by 20% if you do not do a lot of activities, or just take a casual vacation.


Weight loss diet while traveling - eatcleanCalculate calories and remember that vegetables are eaten 'disorganized'!


However, if you choose a different type of travel, traveling will also make you experience more activities with sightseeing walking, driving to destinations, kayaking ... remember the recipe Hey, balance!


Eatclean mode, help you eat the world!

Eatclean is a really suitable weight loss diet for girls in the 'meat team' and actually eatclean is also considered a style of eating. There, you can eat meat, fish, eat clean starches such as brown rice, oats, brown rice vermicelli, even brown rice cakes and of course, green vegetables and less sweet fruits are indispensable.


Weight loss diet while traveling - eatcleanHealthy eatclean diet


Your travel itinerary will be less 'extreme' when you want to maintain a weight loss regime with eatclean , because just avoiding sugar, starches, fried foods too much grease, you are almost successful. Just a little more physical activity, setting aside time for light training depending on your body is fine too!

Picky food is one way for you to maintain a weight loss diet while traveling!

When traveling, especially the areas with strong culinary strengths from the street to the locality. Then how to maintain it?


Weight loss diet while traveling - picky eaterLocal specialties countless? How can I quit here!


Remember this way, always be picky about food or stop at the tasting level, not 'full' and this trick also helps you reduce the risk of food allergies. What does that mean? It's very simple, in many dishes that are both attractive and fragrant, just choose the most strange, the most specialties you think are the best. Don't be sorry like: 'Ui this banh giay is so delicious, is there any difference in the capital?' then try the rice cake - while the cake is also a delicious Hanoi dish ... 


Weight loss diet while traveling - tasteTaste selectively and definitely not eat a dish that is too full


Or many people often make the mistake of tasting but taste it to be full, then see the new dish swooping in to 'taste' to the extent of tasting. But because the specialties are countless, how can I leave out any dishes, right? Well then, congratulations, you have gone into the box of insatiable 'weight gain'!


Turn on the 'green light' for drinking water specialties

This is also a secret to maintaining a very useful diet for weight loss while traveling ! Think about it, when you go to the West River, with gardens, Cai Rang floating markets selling fruits on the river full of attractive, then why not eat fruit that is both clean, fresh and cheap?


Weight loss diet while traveling - switch to refillingHydration is the best way to reduce appetite while being extremely healthy with local fruit


Western coconut water 'the best' is a complete replacement for milk tea, and helps you refreshment without fat at all. Or a cup of toad juice, surely will not make you overeating calories with an ice cream? Watermelon, melon, ... likewise they also help you recharge, and the clean sugar can block your cravings for junk food while still helping you to stay energized for your travel.

Always look good wherever you go, as long as you stick to your weight loss diet and stick to it. Traveling, participating in physical activities such as swimming, hiking, sightseeing, climbing, zippy or camping, or going to kayarowing spots all consume quite a lot of energy and calories yours too. Then apply them at the same time, to both eat delicious and healthy and have a trip to 'get drunk' to gain weight.


Weight loss diet while traveling - exerciseDon't miss the opportunity to practice

Well, it must be mentioned that the practice while traveling also helps you change the state and change the training environment, easier to enjoy. Think of yoga in a resort space in the middle of the mountains, or running along the coast to breathe fresh air, what's the right thing? Save all the tips above to maintain a yamost diet while traveling !

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