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The way to mix toys for Tet is both fashionable and not in touch

 With all the variations of the world with all the ways to combine toys to go to Tet 2021, just to, and not to touch, below!

Every New Year's occasion comes, the sister's association is fluttering with the 'mission' of this Tet holiday. And thinking about how to still stand out but not be in touch and still be fashionable? Don't worry, make full use of these amazing Tet outing arrangements so that each 'mosquito net' brings a new color!


salimhwg-how to coordinate toys for Tet 2021 - ao dai@salimhwg


Variation with thousands of ways to coordinate toys to go to Tet 2021

When fashion changes from day to day, new iteams and collections change every day, people can't because a few days of Tet, the whole trend of the Tet falls? Only a reasonable way to mix toys to go to Tet holiday to be both beautiful and not worrying about the goods and also make use of a lot of items.


What to wear Tet for both red and lipstick?What to wear Tet for both red and lipstick? Photo: Sam Nguyen


1. What to wear on the 1st of Tet to both look red and lipstick?

The 1st of Tet is considered the starting day of the new year with the meaning of An Khang and Thinh Vuong. So what to wear for 'feng shui' and lipstick all year round? First notice that colors bring the good fortune that red and yellow or red with white also go well.


How to coordinate toys for Tet 2021 - Ao DaiHow about 1 ao dai? Photo: Snail Thanh Van


Try wearing ao dai for this day that is both traditional and prominent and you will definitely shine brighter than the spring flowers. Don't forget to perfect your clothes, add a few accessories such as mane, hair pair, super feminine and very radiant headband - This is also the costume for Tet photography that many people choose choose it!


how to coordinate toys for Tet 2021-ao-set-tweetOr a set of tweets. Photo: Pham Huong Giang


How about a set of mating? This is definitely the iteam hot trending for spring 2021 that you should not miss. Tweed this year is gaining momentum, creating elegance, momentum and of course still extremely polite. With a variety of different designs, dress up to suit your physique. If the weather on Tet holiday 'looks' warm, then indifferently put a shirt on your shoulder to transform into a lady, or choose a petticoat for the young days of the year.


how to mix toys to go to Tet 2021-kenhphu-nuA red sweater with a pretty skirt. Photo: Women's Channel

Red sweater with skirt is considered as their favorite way to coordinate Tet outings . It is easy to see the girls wearing this combo because it is both convenient and comfortable but still brings vitality to the first day of the year. Try a red sweater with a striped striped skirt or velvet skirt with high thigh boots too, and hack your legs extremely!


hinvu-how to mix toys to Tet 2021A set of pink roses yet? Photo: Hinvu


2. What to wear for the 2nd day of the night?

The 1st day with the typical red color at the beginning of the year, the 2nd day you can break the way with some weird and strange iteam, as long as you are both beautiful and pretty, right? 

That is the combination of the long-slender Blazer, do not rush to 'accuse' this shirt is a bit old and office, because cleverly combined will make you stand out as a fashionista on that New Year. The white fur Blazer, or slightly wide ribbed velvet Blazer, wearing the same pencil skirt, midi skirt legs and even a pair of flared jeans are still the top!


how to coordinate toys for Tet 2021-blazer-hwoniiiBlazer and flared pants hack the ultimate leg. Photo: Hwoniii


Remember to combine the same high-heeled shoes or boots too, to hack the ultimate look.

How about a flower dress on the 2nd day of Tet? Try this item to go to Tet, you will definitely be more radiant than a spring flower garden. Baby flower dresses are probably the clothes that every girlfriend in the wardrobe has, so they also bring youthfulness and youthfulness to the wearer. So how to coordinate beautiful clothes to go to Tet for the flower dress? That is, you combine with a pair of boots with high neck height to the calf, and high heels to mix and create super products.


how to mix toys to go to Tet 2021-Loan-hoaFloral dress with boots for the 2nd day. Photo: Vietgiaitri


The gile gown is considered a divine dress of the sisters association, easy to wear, easy to conceal. Especially this year, the type of hot tweet will create more conditions for those who have become more luxurious and the lady is immeasurable in this Tet 2021!


3. How to dress up for the 3rd day of Tet?

The bar can be freestyle, just mix it up to Tet! Try out with bold, low-tone shirts to stand out.


how to mix toys to go to Tet 2021-Loan-da-gile.ttodiniSet gile extremely luxurious. Photo: ttodini

Sweaters hide pants and high boots make pedestrians glare. Turn on the tone with an oversized cobalt blue, sky blue or dazzling orange yellow shirt, white or black boots will make your body look like a 7-year-old model. And this set comes with accessories that are also a bit 'out of the way', a short shoulder bag, or a bag with a waistband, and what about a beret?


how to mix toys to go to Tet 2021-ao-len-giau-quanHigh-quality sweater hid pants showing off. Photo: Guu


Next is the set of clothes for the dreamy girl is a slightly loose form sweater with long chiffon skirt, remember to choose light pastel colors and soft fabric for the sweater like a pink fleece shirt, Or a white fur sweater, she turned into a lady during Tet, what else? Choosing beautiful long long earrings, a bag with a bow tie to check in in the sun is beautiful!


How to coordinate toys to go to Tet 2021-chanmidiShe is super banh beo with midi skirt. Photo: chanchandi


The body skirt with leather jacket is also an outstanding set of clothes, showing off her full body. Especially for the model models, where 3 rounds are in place and if you want to have long legs, there is nothing without a short body dress, with a leather jacket also for this Tet holiday. And this is also an attractive way to go to Tet for women, with a pair of thigh boots with the same color of dress, or a pair of sandals tied to the calf, this bar you can freely dance!


how to coordinate toys to go to Tet 2021 loan-bodyA set of body dresses with super cool jackets. Photo: Viet Anh Luong


So what about the 4th and 5th days of the 2021 Tet holiday? Please suggest for you to add a few more clothes like that, still beautiful, still stylish, still fashionable and unique for the spring season, that is: lady's shirt with wool dress set, tweeter jacket with legs short skirt, Blazer vest and midi skirt with waist belt, ... 

Of course, coordinate iteam but to be smooth, you need to pay attention to the color of the suit, Tet, but if possible, set aside a set of bright red - white - yellow colors and clever make up to have a lovely cheerful face on the first day of the year. With these sets of clothes, you can completely ' carry ' spring travel to points near Hanoi .

Have you laid down on the above combinations of Tet toys ? Each day 01 concept, makes you stand out on the first day of the year and make the spring traveler look all the way!

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