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The secret to choosing a warm yet fashionable winter outfit

 Choosing winter travel outfits is an easy job, but it is also very difficult, especially for girls. Here are some tips to choose beautiful clothes, accessories and coordination for your reference. 

Prepare winter travel clothes

Unlike summer, which tends to be light and tidy. Costumes for tourism in winter, especially to cold, snowy places such as Korea, Japan, Europe, America, Sapa , ... are even more difficult to choose. And how to bring fully according to needs, warm and fashionable?


Winter tourist outfit - warmPhoto: @ feel.the.fernweh


Not only in the cool seasons, the winter travel itinerary in addition to the sightseeing time, the check in "virtual life" in each destination is always the top attention. And if you want to save the best moments, costumes also play an important role. Therefore, preparing clothes always gives a headache to those who are picky, love beauty many days before their trip, even if you have a huge wardrobe.


Winter travel outfit - prepare clothesPhoto: @ _a.bendrot

First, you have to know where you will go to the weather at that time. May differ from autumn , summer or spring travel attire . Due to the cold and bitter winter weather, no matter how convenient you choose clothes, you need to be thick and warm enough to ensure your health. Prioritize to choose types with dark colors, on the one hand keep heat well, on the other hand to help you keep clean when going out, sightseeing. To be used even for the following days without having to change as much as a jacket.


Winter tourist outfit - warm but fashionablePhoto: @ahnhojoong_

Thin, tight cotton clothes worn inside are very good at keeping heat, so just adding a sweater and a jacket can be warm enough. There is a note that you should not wear only one thick shirt but wear thin layers overlapping each other, the wind-tight sleeves will be harder to get into the body, you will not get cold. Can wear a skirt that combines thick socks, high-collared boots and a long coat.


Winter travel clothes - all accessoriesPhoto: @nutritiouslygf

With winter travel clothes, it is necessary to choose a number of clothes. Typically jeans, protect the body from the cold wind but still active, easy to wear, easy to coordinate. Next is the wool clothes such as sweaters, plain wool skirts, skirt legs, ... just add a blazer or life jacket to be warm. Pick out the most basic clothes and mix them in different ways, you won't need to worry about carrying a lot of weight. 


Winter travel clothes - layeredPhoto: @taherlamya


Prepare the accessories

Along with clothes, to make your outfit not monotonous, accessories are also necessary. Some of the accessories for winter travel have both decorative and warm functions that you should not forget such as:

Wool scarf : keep your neck warm, dotted the entire outfit you wear. Should choose bright colors to see outstanding.


Winter travel clothes - bring wool towelsPhoto: @ aaaxue124


Gloves : choose wool gloves, leather gloves, fur gloves, ... to keep hands from freezing when traveling outdoors.

Wool hat : prepare supplies for winter travel, you can bring a few woolen hats to replace gradually and mix with each different outfits. Wool hats of all colors and designs, covering the ears as possible.


Winter travel outfit - wool hat protects headPhoto: @yuuuuudj


- High boots, boots, sneakers, ... are flexible and convenient to move, especially in areas with loose snow. Keeping warm is of course better than wearing stylish heels.


Winter tourist outfits - shoe bootsPhoto: @taylorwroach


Suggestions to mix winter clothes for beauty

The way to mix clothes with accessories has countless different ways, depending on the liking and personality of each person. You just need to master some of the basic combinations of objects and colors together. Then, relying on your stuff to combine the way you want will be very easy. Some suggestions to keep warm, keep heat but not less fashionable.


Winter tourist costumes - mix woolen clothesPhoto: @daye_film


Jeans + T-shirt : the set is very simple and convenient for a trip in early winter. Just wearing a sweater, light t-shirt, and light-colored sneakers will suffice. Active but equally cute winter travel outfits , especially for girls.

T-shirt + blazer : warm enough, enough fashion standard Korean style often seen. You choose a monochrome shirt or a dark caro is the most appropriate.


Winter tourist outfit - choose jeans Photo: @shristidurga


White shirt, shirt skirt + gile sweater : how to combine clothes to help you conceal the blemishes on your body while ensuring impressive beauty.

Sweatshirts + skirt types : normal sweatshirts are often seen wearing jeans or leggings, but with this combination, it will be strange but super pretty.


Winter tourist outfit - dress up with a dressPhoto: @babyxshadow


Hoodie + jeans + boots : a mix style for those who love comfort and dynamism while still ensuring warmth when traveling in winter.

Wool dress with long, turtleneck shape : wearing thick socks inside, cute high-necked banh beo outfit is still warm enough, keeping body heat well and comfortable. Should choose oversized long shape, it will suit all people, adding white sneakers is very good.


Winter travel outfit - active hoodiePhoto: @ travel_lover0143


Choose winter travel outfits , how to mix them properly, not only show your own fashion sense. But also helps to bring enough clothes to carry just right, arrange luggage lighter and faster. Along refer to the suggestions and tips above, hopefully you will have a beautiful trip full of memories.

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