Friday, February 19, 2021

The secret of virtual living while traveling alone gives pictures of thousands of people who love it!

 Do you plan to experience a solo, but still wonder 'how to' live virtual fine here? Then immediately apply these virtual life tips when traveling alone, will make many people flutter!

Especially, for those who love photography, holding these virtual life tips while traveling will make you confidently lift your legs and go. The 5 tips below are sure to help you keep the pictures for life, make everyone who looks at them fall in love!

secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneHow to live a beautiful virtual while traveling alone?


Secret of virtual living while traveling alone 'standard without adjustment'

1. Prepare photo-assisted equipment

Certainly, your solo trip cannot lack a tripod, this is a special important device for you to keep panoramic pictures, clouds, mountains, rivers and lakes leaves, and especially the super popular protagonist are you too?


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneExtremely necessary supporting equipment


Or a selfie stick is also essential, for those who love to take a selfie or close-up but still have a great landscape behind. The basket price of these 2 devices is not too expensive, if an amateur is only 100-200k you can buy it!


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneSelfie with the scenery behind!


Moreover, the tripod or selfie stick are extremely compact, easy to fold and carry, convenient for you to carry on the go and also does not take up too much space in your suitcase or bag. And of course, it would be better than going with other people and blinking without heart, taking pictures with all my heart, right?


2. Take advantage of clip recording feature on your phone

Use video recording to help you capture moments and activities happening around you. This is an extremely interesting idea for virtual followers who like to keep their natural emotions, do not want to be confined to a certain type of shaping.


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneShooting clips, capturing movement of the scene is also very good


Of course, turn on the timer, or set the bluetooth mode to play in front of the camera. And what is the return? A so deep video, and you can take screenshots of the moments you like and have even a belly-satisfied set of photos.


3. Use the front camera

Virtual life must definitely not forget this secret of virtual living while traveling alone. Whether shooting mid-landscape, or panoramic, definitely need to flip the screen to be able to align the angle, see the composition clearly without asking the help of others. 


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneThe front camera helps you see things better


Turn the cam first, set the angle like that, then stand to try and test the machine, if not really satisfied you can completely adjust and reset it so that the most stable voltage!


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneOf course, the automatic camera set with the front cam is also extremely stable!


4. Actively ask for help

Even if you bring a tripod, flip the screen to see yourself better, but in difficult conditions such as shooting steep, rocky terrain is not flat, what will you do? The only way to have the best virtual life when traveling alone is to proactively open up and ask for the help of those around you. It could be another tourist, or a local, for example, ...


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneAsk someone to take a picture for you


For more peace of mind, you can pre-align the angle and light, then ask the photographer to keep the position and 'hit, hit, hit'.

A little tip, to ask a 'good' photographer to look out for young people or guests who bring professional cameras, will definitely be a great photographer for you!

5. Choose the right clothes for the tourist destination

The secret of virtual living when traveling alone makes everyone fall in love, that is the highlight of the costume. Imagine, a photo taken from the back, with the scenery in the middle of the fresh blue beach, surely wearing a super cool outfit will create a strong impression on the picture, right?


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneDon't forget to prepare outfits to match the tourist spot


Or get lost in a pine forest, with a vintage dress, with her arms spread out, the striking orange and red colors that will perfectly match the scene, right? Even if you travel alone, you still need to be careful and invest in costumes so that anyone who looks at your album will wonder why so virtual?


secrets of virtual living while traveling aloneImage will auto shimmering!


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