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Team often moves, must install all 8 useful travel apps!

 When Travel 4.0 to the throne, users also shifted numbers from the traditional to this useful travel app 'bowl set'! As a side note, they are all completely free to use apps.

The travel luggage list for the traveling team also needs to be updated to 4.0, with a hand-held phone, just install all of these 8 useful travel apps, your trip is easier than ever over. Are you curious, what are those applications? Quickly pin this article and download it gradually for your mobile phone.


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsInstall a complete set of 8 useful travel applications


Combo 8 useful travel apps for trips

1. Google Maps

Obviously, every trip needs a 'lighthouse' to show the way, you are not a fluent local, to the empty roads where it is difficult to meet someone asking for directions, then Google Maps will The spirit of salvation for you.

This travel app will suggest different ways to get around from bus, car, motorbike or on foot, and also has suggestions for choosing the route. A few plus points for this Map girl, including the traffic (shown in red), the meticulous directions to '100 meters more you turn left, your destination is on the right'.


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsThe savior of every trip


If you do not have an Internet connection, you can still save the maps offline, marking the required points on the map. In addition, Google Maps has a number of other functions such as tracking your entire journey for a year, booking suggestions for shows and viewing 360-degree panoramas of famous landmarks.


2. Google Translate

If you travel abroad , but if you are not fluent in the language and do not have a guide, then here - the useful travel app Google Translate - is our lifeline.


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsGo everywhere without fear of losing your voice


The name says it all, you can look up the word straight into it, you can even translate the voice form in case of a rush. This is also a global application, so there is no language that is not integrated in this. 

This application also features camera sun, translate notices, papers, take photos and wait 1 second for instant results.


3. Skyscanner

This is a smart travel app , used to check connecting flights, compare prices between airlines in the same sector, and of course quote for me to choose cheap tickets! In the application, there are additional development of car and hotel reservations, but not popular.

Skyscanner also has the function to save your passports and flights.


4. Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is built like a forum - where people can find lots of advice as well as "feedback" on hotel information, attractions, and places to eat. 

This useful travel app will help you check the reviews of other travelers who have experienced a particular service and give you the most sincere travel advice and experiences . TripAdvisor is considered the largest travel community in the world with more than 60 million monthly visits and more than 100 million reviews.

You can see live comments, images about the quality of hotel services, restaurants, tourist destinations before arriving there. All information shared to you is highly authentic from travelers. The owners of restaurants, hotels, ... even look up the feedback of guests on the page, to improve the service or upgrade thanks to those sincere feedback.


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsReview everything you need


Tripadvisor has one more feature, which is a function of "near me", so that I can see the activities, and the restaurant near me (specify how many kilometers to calculate the way).


5. Kindle

What about a team that likes movement and nerd club? Then choose an app for you to travel and read this Kindle book - What an unexpected combination. 


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsWalk and read - perfect combo


When you wait to fly and feel bored, the Kindle application will be an effective way to "kill time", no need to carry bulky books, you can upload the app to all your devices and start reading. voraciously. One reason Kindle is so popular is that it has so many books available free of charge to its users.


6. Traveloka

This is a popular flight and hotel booking application , like Skycanner, Traveloka also shows all the airlines, flight times and prices for you to choose and compare.

Why is Traveloka app on the list of indispensable travel apps if you're planning a trip away? Because of the best features and convenience that Traveloka offers.


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsAlso the page for booking tickets, booking reservations, transfer cars is quite hot


In addition, this application also has a ticket + room combo which is also quite useful for those who like instant noodles, from the headache of wondering how to book tickets and how to choose a room.

Traveloka has added airport transfers and Xperience - book tours and tickets in advance while on vacation!


7. XE currency

This application is very convenient for those who go abroad planning travel . XE Currency is one of the most trusted and widely used exchange rate conversion websites and apps. You will have results converting multiple currencies from one original currency.


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsCheck rates for cars now!


XE Currency is a completely free application that can be used on both iOS and Android operating systems. Especially XE is similar to Google Translate; You can use it offline if you have preloaded currencies you want to change.


8. WeatherBug

Traveling without forgetting the 'weather' is also tough, right? Updating and capturing weather information is also very important, because you do not want the constant rains or heavily polluted air affecting your trip.

WeatherBug has basic weather information about temperature, precipitation, humidity, sunrise and sunset time of the day, etc. This smart travel app  also integrates satellite maps for you to know about the weather conditions of a certain area.


Complete set of 8 useful travel appsArmpit stealing application for all trips


Plus, in addition to basic weather information, it also supports features such as integrating with your contact list, or allowing you to type on the map to show the weather where you are going. In particular, WeatherBug has a natural disaster warning. It will warn when there is an imminent natural disaster, or immediately display on the map the area near you is about to have a disaster, extremely useful and secure for users.

These are really 'small preparations for big trips' in this travel era 4.0 to the throne, small but extremely useful, right? After installing all these useful travel apps on your phone, you should sign up for an account to experiment and especially receive promotional messages - a form of savings for your trip. 

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