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Struggling to take pictures in the backlight but 'fail', save the following tips immediately!

 These are the most beautiful backlit photography tips you must know, you will be surprised by the extremely artistic pictures with these beautiful little tips.

You struggle when you want to capture the sunset on the sea but the light is backwards, you also want to capture the entire moment of sunrise on the mountain, but still the light is difficult to get the color? So these beautiful backlit photography tips below, will give you extremely chill photos.


tips for beautiful backlit photographyBeautiful backlit photography tips. Photo: Flickr


Now, I'm not afraid of backlight anymore, because with these great photography tips , you still have your full art photos no matter what the backlight is!

Save immediately 6 Tips for taking pictures in beautiful backlight

1. Choose your composition in backlit shots

When taking a photo against a close-up subject, turn on your camera's grid mode, then align the golden ratio to your composition, so that the subject is at 1/3 or 2/3 of the photo OK. When you want to capture the panorama, but the subject is large, you can choose 1/1 layout, this time the picture will become more harmonious.


beautiful backlit photography tipsBacklit is still mesmerizing. Photo: JDung Do Studio


Get rid of the idea of ​​shooting in backlight will be a corrupted photo with no face or darkening! Because, if you know how to compose and capture the moment, you can make the backlit photo more stylish. In the case of the subject standing in front of the sea and pensive, shooting in backlight will give the image much more depth and 'mood'.


beautiful backlit photography tips with compositionFor a close-up subject, it is ideal to compose the subject in the middle of the photo. Photo: Flickr

2. Know when to choose when to take pictures

Timing is an important tip for taking beautiful backlit photos . Why? When the moment is just beautiful, it makes your picture more flattering. In which, sunrise and sunset are the best times for backlit photography, because at this time the direction of light is very reasonable, with enough diagonal, just enough softness and yellow tone - to be viewed is the golden light in photography. At 8 - 9 a.m. and 4 - 5 p.m., the sun's color and intensity are at their best!


tips for beautiful backlit photography in the afternoonSunset and dawn are the most beautiful golden light times. Photo: Travelmag


Different from the midday light, which is both white, bright and harsh light on the top of the head, at this time you should not apply backlight photography, as they will be difficult to produce a satisfactory image.


3. Capture shadow style

Make backlight your advantage when you choose to shoot with shadows - also known as Silhouettes, where you both capture the main subject, while also capturing the subject's shadow, giving the shot a lot more depth.


beautiful backlit photography tips for capturing shadowsCapture shadows to create depth. Photo:


With backlit shadows, you can do for a picture with a sad mood, and you can also do it with the purpose of a positive shot such as showing determination, cohesion, and cohesion yomost, yolo, ...

In order to capture a silhouette, the condition is that you will be photographing the subject against a plain shadow or water surface so that the shadow and art can be seen clearly.


tips for beautiful backlit photographyWhen lit up, the backlit photo is also full of art. Photo: InDucAnh


4. Turn off the flash

Technically, you won't be able to capture backlit shots with the flash, as they will brighten the subject. Therefore, remember that in order to produce an artistic backlit photo, turn off the flash and minimize the light source in front of the subject.


beautiful backlit photography tips for measuring highlightsDon't turn on Flash. Photo: InDucAnh


5. Turn on HDR mode in phone

Here are tips for taking photos in the back of light that many of you do not know about. Even without a great camera, you can still take photos in backlight with your phone with ease. Just a phone with a clear camera and good resolution will help you get the best quality pictures. Most smartphones these days have HDR functionality, with HDR's light balance mechanism helping you to take better backlit pictures.


tips for taking backlit photos with your phoneYour phone can also shoot in backlight! Photo: Instagram


6. Turn on the metering mode in the camera

In case you want to take photos in backlight, you should choose the Spot Metering mode (spot metering). In this way, the camera measures the light on the main subject that you intend to capture and will not be "disturbed" by the ambient lighting. And with this mode, the backlight will be focused to be able to balance the entire frame and especially the image quality will be much better.


beautiful backlit photography tips for measuring highlightsReflect point measurement. Photo: JDung Do Studio


So you already know how to get travel  photos in backlit but still artistic? With the beautiful backlit photography tips above, turn the seemingly unfavorable things into a tool to save great moments during your trip!

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