Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Simple tips for maintaining a diet while traveling

 Being in the process of staying in shape, so how to maintain a diet while traveling? 

Here are tips to save you from worries about balancing and maintaining your diet while traveling are both simple and easy to follow. So that the trip is no longer too stressful about eating and still having fun!


Maintain a diet while travelingDetermined how to maintain a diet while traveling?


5 tips to maintain diet while traveling

1. Please pre-order meals on the plane

Airlines often change menus depending on different routes, but if you order an inflight meal you will be able to choose your own menu, such as Malaysia Airlines.

The first way to maintain your diet while traveling is to take note and order a snack before you fly!


Maintain a diet while travelingChoose dishes according to your diet menu


Choose foods that match the portion of your diet, as well as the weight loss diet you are pursuing. In addition, you can take particular note of ingredients that you are allergic to or do not order.


2. Prepare your own snacks to bring on the trip

In addition to ordering meals on the buffet menu, you can also prepare your own flight snacks on the weight loss regime you are maintaining. However, carry-on food should be kept in your carry-on baggage for convenient retrieval when needed and of course, does not violate the regulations on baggage to be carried on the plane.


Maintain a diet while travelingPrepare your own food to bring


The snacks that you can bring to match your diet to lose weight on the plane are chocolate, diet cookies, cakes made of oat (granola bars) or dried fruit ... Some of the following foods you should not eat before and during the flight such as carbonated drinks, alcohol, too much salt or too much sugar because they will cause indigestion, bloating, and discomfort.


Maintain a diet while travelingWith the right ingredients

3. Choose a homestay with its own kitchen

This is an extremely interesting note for you to actively maintain the diet when traveling anywhere.


Maintain a diet while travelingChoose a homestay with a private kitchen


According to travel experience , if you need to have your own weight loss regime, you want to eat according to your menu, you can completely prepare meals in the communal kitchen of the homestay because usually the homestay also provides space cook for diners and have all the spices and tools necessary for you to use.


Maintain a diet while travelingTo prepare safe meals for yourself!


4. Boldly order the hotel to eliminate foods that cause weight gain 

Usually hotels will pre-order a few types of food and drinks in the mini bar or refrigerator area, you can actively ask the hotel about these foods, and send a message to the hotel ' hide 'addictive and easy to gain weight' items like snacks, soft drinks, ... in your room.


Maintain a diet while travelingBoldly order the hotel to hide greasy snacks


In addition, when ordering lunch, be sure to let the kitchen prepare its own low-fat and protein menus depending on your diet. Be proactive when necessary to maintain your diet while traveling.


5. Select the travel date as the 'discharge' date for the abstinence process

If you are using some regimen like Das 6 - 1 or 5 - 2, which means that every 6 or 5 days on a diet, there will be 1 - 2 days of relaxation (not too much diet). So why not schedule, arrange the right trip on the 'exhaust' to enjoy eating and discover local cuisine without having to worry too much about maintaining your regime?


Maintain a diet while travelingArrange a 'discharge' schedule on the day of the travel


Traveling, exploring the landscape is a part, enjoying the culinary paradise in the places you go is also essential. Therefore, although difficult, maintaining a reasonable diet to lose weight during travel is not impossible.


Maintain a diet while travelingLet's make the trip really safe and healthy!


In addition to having fun, pressing "F5" for body and mind, we should still pay a little attention to maintaining a diet while traveling if we do not want thousands of years of cultivation and turn nothing in the world moment. Give yourself the healthiest and safest ride and get ready to welcome the next one!

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