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Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?

 Should traveling in July is not a question and concern for many people because there was an old perception that this was an unlucky time, it was necessary to abstain from doing big things or going away.

The start of the seventh lunar month is also the time of the Vong Nhan Sincerity ceremony, the custom of worshiping the soul and many taboos according to the old beliefs such as limiting going away, avoiding doing some things at night, ... makes travel enthusiasts falter and somewhat hesitant about whether to travel in negative July?

Because avoiding choosing the time of vi vu on these days is an act of adhering to the spiritual beliefs of Vietnamese people, it is understandable that young people can hardly ignore even though they have detailed plans for the itinerary to check-in, explore here and there. The following article will help you to have a more multidimensional view and open up about deciding whether to travel at this special stage.

Find out about the matter of should travel negative or not July?


What is special about the seventh lunar month every year?

The July lunar month according to folklore is also known as the month of soul . The ancients believed that when a man dies, only the body disappears, and the soul remains in another world that cannot be seen by the living. Especially for the souls who have not been reincarnated yet, they will have to wander around, not be able to escape or even be exiled in hell.

Accordingly, on the 2nd day of the 7th lunar year each year will be the day that King of Hell will open the door of the Demon Gate. This is the time when the devil can return to the world of the living freely until the time is up before he can be summoned back to the Underworld. That is why on the 15th of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, there is a ceremony of Xa Sin Vong Nhan for the deceased. This is also a job with a humanistic meaning as well as an opportunity for descendants to show their respect and remembrance of ancestors who have gone away and respect the deceased.


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?Due to some characteristics of weather and taboo that few people choose to go out in July. Photo: Phunuvagiadinh


In another respect, the period of the 7th lunar month is also a time when many people restrict and abstain from activities such as opening, buying a house, buying a car, getting married or leaving the accommodation, traveling even though far or near, ... Depending on many different areas, fields in life and society, this concept has changed, slightly adjusted to suit.

However, the negative July every year is "golden time" for many tourists because it is the time of season change and low tourist season, so the price of tours or car tickets, plane is also cheaper than the period time of year. Therefore, we should not be too rigid on the above "taboo", but only need to pay a little attention in the preparation for the trip to not miss the wonderful transition opportunity during the year and ensure. Safety and peace of mind in my July lunar trip .


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?You should combine tourism with discovery, pilgrimage to the temples in the seventh lunar month. Photo: Phunuvagiadinh


The advantages when traveling to the seventh lunar month you did not expect

Many visitors have chosen to answer yes to their questions about whether to travel in negative July because of the following special things:


Ideal climate

The seventh lunar month each year will fall between August and September of the solar calendar. This is when the tourist destinations of Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An - Ninh Thuan, Vinh Hy Island have an ideal climate, if not the most beautiful to go out. This time is also the time when Sapa starts the golden rice season or to the western floating season with many special scenes and many typical dishes that captivate many visitors.


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?July is also the time to watch the beautiful golden rice season in Sapa. Photo: vntrip.


In addition, negative July is still counted as a summer month that lasts until the season changes, so the weather is cool, comfortable, extremely suitable for moving to other islands or hills in the country. Moreover, compared to June and July, this is also the time when the weather in many places is less harsh, so it is perfect for you to plan a vacation with your family (especially for homes with children small or elderly). You just need to pay attention to research and avoid choosing areas with a long rainy season , the July lunar July trip will definitely be a great trip.


Unexpectedly cheap price with many incentives

If you ask the team that loves cheap travel whether or not to travel in negative July , the answer is definitely yes because this is the ideal time.


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?The ideal time to hunt for cheap sea travel vouchers. Photo: vntrip.


Travel and travel agencies extremely understand the psychology of cheap and economical customers, especially for young people, so they have launched many super discount programs to stimulate tourism demand in the July of lunar calendar year. Therefore, do not be too fast to miss the opportunity to travel everywhere with super savings in low travel season.

Many festivals take place in lunar July

The July lunar month is not only a month of soulfulness with folk conceptions about the act of commemorating the deceased with the Vong Nhan Xa Sin ceremony, but also a time of many festivals throughout the year in all regions of the country .


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?Vu Lan Bao Hieu festival takes place in the seventh lunar month. Photo: vntrip


Most prominent according to Buddhist beliefs, the seventh lunar month is meant to be an opportunity to report filial piety, expressing gratitude of children and grandchildren for the success of nurturing their parents and grandparents. In many pagodas and Buddhist works, Vu Lan Bao Hieu is celebrated very solemnly.

The lunar July or August - September of the solar calendar is also the month of many special folklore festivals such as the Xípi festival in the Northwest, the Kho Gia Gia festival and the Pa Di festival in Muong Khuong. The Poon Poong festival of the Muong ethnic group in Thanh Hoa province ... In the Central region, there is the Chuon Village festival in Hue, the Do Gian festival in Binh Dinh. In the South there is the Mausoleum of the Grandparents Chieu in Ho Chi Minh City, the festival season of the Raglai ethnic group in Ninh Thuan, ...


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?Pilgrimage in West Yen Tu with family tours is a suitable choice when traveling in July. Photo: dulichvietnam.


All will create the festive season atmosphere bearing the long-standing tradition of the nation. Traveling at this time also gives you the opportunity to learn and feel the unique cultures and beliefs in Vietnam. 

Things to note when traveling to the 7th lunar month


Should travel with family

The July of the lunar calendar every year is also the season when Vu Lan reports filial piety. So planning a trip with the whole family is a great idea to strengthen the bond of family. So instead of thinking about whether you should travel to the seventh lunar month or not, take the time to answer this problem Vu Lan with your parents .


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?Family travel in the seventh lunar month is a good choice. Photo: vntrip


And below will be the top 10 spiritual tourist attractions attracting visitors in lunar July in particular and the whole year in general that you can refer to the above question:

1. One Pillar Pagoda (Hanoi).

2. Sightseeing Perfume Pagoda (Hanoi).

3. Complex of Yen Tu landscapes (Quang Ninh)

4. Bai Dinh Pagoda (Ninh Binh).

5. Thien Mu ancient pagoda (Hue).

6. Truc Lam Zen Monastery (Da Lat).

7. Statue of Christ the King (Vung Tau).

8. Spiritual tourist resort of Ba Den mountain (Tay Ninh).

9. Cao Dai Holy (Tay Ninh).

10. The Temple of Lady Xu Nui Sam ( Chau Doc  An Giang).

Just going out, resting with your family and being pilgrim, admiring the famous temples or religious works will surely make parents and elderly family members extremely satisfied with their attentiveness and that is your concern. When coming to spiritual tourist destinations, do not forget to worship the Buddha, pray for peace and hope for good things for your parents and family members.


Come with you

If you cannot go with your family and relatives in the July lunar month trip , you should not go to vu alone but should choose more companions. Because of that, the trip will be safer and more fun.


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?You can also opt for a short, domestic tour with your companions. Photo: Tasting TV.


All the months or days of the year have their own beauty in all shapes and sizes and come with a few unavoidable adverse conditions. Therefore, if the trip has a bit of difficulty, obstacles due to the weather or terrain, calm down and accompany your companion to sip a cup of coffee or enjoy a light meal and find ways to solve the problem topic, avoid blaming the negative July fortune.


Pay attention to the weather and topography of your destination

Due to the weather characteristics in some regions, in the lunar July, there are sometimes sudden showers or hot weather, not convenient for travel, so do not forget to prepare more raincoats, even with the Other essential items to travel during this time.


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?Statue of Christ the King is located in the center of Vung Tau city. Photo: Viet Fun Travel.


Visitors should also avoid going to places with steep terrain, and limit adventure travel, especially alone because it is easy to slip unsafe. It is best to be careful about the weather, remember to check the forecasts before the trip to make the travel a smooth, minimizing accidents and risks. Besides, you should also avoid going to secluded places, few people at night ...

Keep in mind a few small notes above to help you have a more complete and safe trip not only during the seventh month of the lunar calendar but also at any other time of the year.


Detailed planning for July lunar month trip

Not only negative July, but wherever you go at any time, tourists should not miss the step of preparing cash, papers, medicine and necessary supplies for the trip. But also note that you should only bring a little cash and credit cards, ATM cards only to be both compact and safe.


Should travel in the seventh month of the lunar calendar?The July tour should be carefully prepared and scheduled in detail. Photo: Phunuvagiadinh.


In short, whether we choose negative July or every month, just before traveling we know the factors to protect ourselves and carefully study the destination such as climate, terrain, Points to note… don't worry too much about traveling in July .

It all depends on your decision and just remember not to take the problem too seriously because no matter what we do, where or where we go, we do not need to be too rigid, taboo too much but just be sincere, live well. Beautiful life and careful planning for your trip will not have much worry and bad things will be avoided.

Do not hesitate to experience and enjoy the July lunar month trip or any time of the year if you really want and have been carefully prepared!

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