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Revealing how to choose a 'long lasting' travel suitcase with every trip

 Travel suitcase is considered indomitable in every trip, summer vacation is coming, choose for yourself a companion suitcase on every journey now!


how to choose a travel suitcaseRevealing how to choose travel suitcases


Choose a travel suitcase that is both convenient and beautiful

Among suitcases, towing suitcases are the most chosen product line by travel addicts because of their modernity, convenience and diverse and beautiful designs. The tow suitcases are also extremely familiar shooting accessories of the airport travel team, from civilians to celebrities, the travel suitcase collection is super much and also super beautiful.


how to choose a travel suitcaseValy is also a fashion accessory for sisters


Some  experience choosing to buy a travel suitcase suitable for every journey:


Select the size and weight of the suitcase

The most common rule when choosing a travel suitcase is to comply with the regulations of the aircraft and this is also the standard from major airlines to low-cost airlines  that you need to pay attention to.


how to choose a travel suitcaseWith this gray suitcase, you will definitely have to check it in


- Hand baggage for aircraft, refer to some regulations of the airlines, the weight should not exceed 7kg and the total length of the suitcase is not more than 115cm, specifically 56cm length x 36cm width x 23cm width.

- Checked baggage, each airline has its own regulations, usually weight and 20kg is a relatively safe weight for many airlines.


how to choose a travel suitcaseIdentify the 21-inch suitcase that is carried on the plane


If you travel on your own and want to be the most compact, you should choose a 21-inch suitcase, complying with carry-on luggage standards of airlines.


Material of suitcase

Each suitcase has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the conditions you choose the suitcase that suits your own needs. Currently, there are 2 types of materials most commonly used are high-quality hard plastic shells, suitcases made of cloth.


how to choose a travel suitcaseFabric suitcase can fit more items and is not afraid of cracking


For soft-surface fabric suitcases, you can easily remove and add more items in the sub-compartments than the specified capacity, but plastic suitcases save you from the weather if it is wet or rainy, in general is insulation, waterproof. Moreover, plastic suitcases are also assured of furniture, especially fragile items. 


how to choose a travel suitcaseDurable plastic suitcase, many models and waterproof


However, plastic suitcases will also have the disadvantage of being fragile if they are not treated lightly, especially in the luggage compartment, so consider your needs for suitcases. 

Suitcase with power wheel

Traveling, you will definitely have to move a lot and your suitcases too, they have to load personal belongings, clothes, everything for the journey, so choose the one with the best power wheel for moving.


how to choose a travel suitcaseHaving the power wheel is essential


Currently, travel suitcases are designed for 4-wheel or 2-wheel type, but if you suggest buying, you should consider the 4-wheeled type for better support and more durable. And choose the one with a flexible 360 ​​degree rotating wheel, making it easy to move on a variety of terrains, withstand impact and limit breaking. Remember this criterion because it is a very important travel guide !


Other factors

In addition to the above notes, choosing a suitable travel suitcase may also be related to the color, warranty for the suitcase and the pull handle. First of all, current suitcases are also very hard to come up with new, diversified models, extremely score points with the transfer, so depending on your trip and preferences, choose your favorite color!


how to choose a travel suitcaseShould choose a company with a good warranty


Price is also what we consider. As mentioned above, if you want a 'long lasting' travel suitcase with every trip , you should consider investing in a good, genuine suitcase of major brands to minimize the possibility of damage and not only use. Short-term but long-term in the whole journey from travel, business or moving furniture. If you rarely use it, and the demand is not high, you can buy it at a mid-range price and not too sorry if you miss it or want to change to a new one. Warranty is also a priority, major travel suitcases have a warranty for their products, so buy a reputable place with a good warranty like 10 years, or even a lifetime.

Save the tips of choosing the best travel suitcase above, and choose for yourself a suitcase to match on every journey!

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