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Pocket how to choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasickness

 Are you going to have a yacht excursion, but a 'sensitive' person? So is there any secret to choosing a room on a yacht to avoid seasickness? 

Choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasicknessHow to choose a room to reduce seasickness?


Choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasickness

Wave sickness is like motion sickness, car, plane, .. they will make you uncomfortable, dizzy, many people still feel nauseous. Wave sickness is very easy to encounter when tourists travel on the sea , especially in strong waves, and the health of visitors is not well prepared. Even if you take luxury yachts like the  President Cruises - one of the 10 classy and luxurious Ha Long yachts , seasickness can still take place.


Choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasicknessWave sickness is something no one wants


However, there are many methods to limit seasickness, in which, choosing a room or cabin when you go on a cruise will help you partly get rid of seasickness.


1. Choose the location between the yachts

With cruise tours , most of the time you will be floating at sea, and the rooms are also the places you go to most on the cruise, so choose the most stable place, less affected by waves , that is, the cabins positioned in the middle of the ship, with minimal stalling. The reason is that the hull position is usually highly stable, less affected by waves and winds and makes the ship feel like the ship is standing at sea. This feeling also contributes to the psychological impact of passengers on board the 'comfor zone' mode.


Choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasickness, choose a cabin between shipsPlease select rooms in the middle of the train


Even, travel experts also assess that, even when the yacht passes through rough seas, the people in these cabins do not have the feeling of swaying with the ship, not feeling the ship going up. or falling with the waves. Only visitors in the front or bow of the ship feel this most clearly. This is the ideal position on the yacht to reduce seasickness , right?

Therefore, the less you sit in a position where there is less vibration, not affected by the waves, the less tense your stomach is, the less frequent nausea, headache, and dizziness are common in sensitive people travel sickness.


Choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasicknessThey will help you not feel the shock of the waves

2. Select the room location below the lower

In addition to choosing a cabin in the middle of the yacht / boat, choosing the altitude position is also extremely important. Do not think the 10-storey yacht, the more beautiful you go, the more you enjoy it, especially the easy to get drunk team, the higher the room is, the more susceptible to shaking and the influence of waves. 


Choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasickness, choose a low roomThe higher the room, the more clearly the shaking of the boat is


At high altitude, you can clearly feel any impact of waves or wind in rough seas when the ship enters. But on the contrary, if you do not mind getting drunk, the high position is the ideal location to watch the sea, with the most beautiful and sweeping views on the ship. It's a pity if you can't experience the panoramic sea view from above and see the eye.


3. Select a room with a balcony

Usually rooms / cabins with balconies have certain air circulation and ventilation. This will help you relax, relax and not be overwhelmed by the fear of seasickness.


Choose a room on a cruise to avoid seasickness - choose a room with a balconyChoose a room with a balcony for air circulation


Tips to choose a room on the cruise to avoid seasickness that you can refer to, even though it is not a good idea. That is to choose a room located near the doctor, health assistant on the yacht. This makes it convenient and faster to get help if something goes wrong during your journey.

In the end, when all three of the above suggestions are not feasible, take medicine or use a hangover patch. Some people use natural anti-sickness methods such as ginger candy, ginger oolong or ginger tea to sip when a drunkenness strikes, making people hangover, ...

Above are the ways to choose a room on a cruise to avoid seasickness , you can save it for application in case of need!

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